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Program Requirements

At the start of graduate studies, each student prepares a program of courses with a graduate academic advisor. A student cannot have more than one grade lower than a B in mathematics courses that are applied toward the degree. Students with two or more such grades must see an advisor before registering for further courses.

Required Courses (21 credits)

MTH 511 Set Theory (3)
MTH 512 Mathematical Logic and Information (3)
MTH 513 An Introduction to Abstract Algebra (3)
MTH 514 Euclidean Geometry (3)
MTH 524 History of Mathematics (3)
MTH 631 Foundations of Analysis (3)
MTH 632 Applications of Analysis (3)

Capstone and Electives Courses (16 credits)

A total of 16 credits, approved by the department, is required. These elective credits include the choice of capstone experiences as described below (1 or 4 credits). The student cannot take more than six credits of approved electives outside the department.

In addition to basic course requirements, each candidate must choose one of the following capstone experiences:

  1. The student registers for one elective credit in MTH 709 (Oral Presentation), prepares a topic in mathematics and delivers a lecture on that topic.
  2. The student registers for four elective credits in MTH 707 (Research Methods and Thesis Seminar) and writes a thesis on a topic in mathematics.

Note:This program does not lead to New York State teaching certification.