M.S. in Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers

A high school teacher with an advanced knowledge of mathematics can make a profound impact on his or her students. A sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies can help bring high school-level math vividly to life for the adolescent student.

The M.S. in Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers is designed for people who are currently working as teachers or those who plan to enter the teaching field. This program makes the mathematics teacher more versatile and valuable to his or her school district.

The 37-credit Master of Science program consists of 25 credits of required courses covering such subjects as set theory, mathematical logic and information, abstract algebra, Euclidean geometry, history of mathematics and the foundations and applications of analysis. It also offers the opportunity to satisfy individual interests by requiring 12 credits of electives. As a capstone project, students either write a thesis or prepare a lecture on mathematics suitable for high school students.

Note: This program does not lead to New York State teaching certification

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Joan Ruckel
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