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Minor in Financial Engineering

LIU Post Financial Engineering MinorWhat is Financial Engineering (FE)?
Financial Engineering (FE) uses mathematics to solve problems in finance, such as portfolio optimization, arbitrage, risk assessment, and hedging. It employs techniques from calculus, differential equations, probability, and linear algebra.


Why minor in FE?

  • Options trading and FE have become a multi-trillion dollar industry in the United States.
  • For those who qualify, this minor serves as preparation for technical employment in an FE organization or for graduate study and later highly remunerative employment in financial centers throughout the world.

How do I successfully complete the FE minor at LIU Post?

  • Enter LIU Post with a grade of 5 on the Calculus BC Advanced Placement test (or a 4 for unusually promising students), or earn A's in both MTH 7 and MTH 8 and gain permission of the Mathematics Department.
  • Major in Mathematics and complete the following courses:

Required Courses (credits):

MTH 9 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (4)
MTH 22 Applied Linear Algebra (3)
MTH 51 Probability (3)
MTH 53 Stochastic Calculus (3)
FIN 81 Seminar in Financial Services (3)
CS 113 Introduction to C++ for Financial Engineering (3)
MTH 96 Internship in Financial Engineering (2)

Additional Features of the FE Minor at LIU Post:

  • MTH 53 (Stochastic Calculus) is a graduate course in many other institution, but is included here to provide an advantage to our students seeking employment or admission to graduate study.
  • MTH 96 (Internship in Financial Engineering) includes placement in a financial engineering organization involving the application of academic skills in a professional environment, and will be arranged by the Office of the President of LIU.

Further Information on the FE Minor at LIU Post

Our FE minor is one of a very few in the United State (although there are more in Europe and Asia), and takes full advantage of our proximity to the top FE graduate schools and organization in the New York City area. The mathematical demands of this minor are significantly greater than those of other minors, but with appropriately greater rewards for those who complete it.

Contact your academic and career counselor about further requirements and additional information.

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