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Program Requirements for Continuing Students

A candidate who is admitted to the Master of Arts degree program in Political Science has a choice of two options:

Option I: Thesis

This program option is designed primarily for a candidate who anticipates continued graduate study at the doctoral level. It requires 30 semester hours of courses including the writing of a master’s thesis to demonstrate the student’s ability to research and evaluate findings, organize materials and present conclusions effectively. Of the 30 semester hours, a total of 24 credits in graduate political science courses (including POL 700, 707, and 708) is required for degree Option I. If circumstances warrant, the department chair may authorize a student to take up to six elective courses in other departments. Students interested in writing a thesis must secure departmental authorization in advance.

Option II: Comprehensive Examination

This program option requires 36 semester hours of courses and the passing of a comprehensive examination to demonstrate the candidate’s satisfactory graduate level of preparation and knowledge. Comprehensive examinations for Option II students are administered once during the Fall Semester and once during the Spring Semester. A candidate must register with the Department of Political Science/International Studies for the fall examination by November 1 and for the spring examination by March 1. No examinations are given at any other time of the year.

Required Courses

POL 700 Political Science: Approaches and Methodologies
POL 710 Seminar in Political Science

Related graduate courses, approved by the chair (history, economics, sociology). If circumstances warrant, the department chair may authorize a student to take elective courses in other departments.

Twenty-four credits of graduate political science courses
Total: 36 credits