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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Admissions requirements for the B.A. in International Studies/M.B.A. Program?

Freshman applicants should have a minimum high school average of 85 and a minimum combined SAT score of 1100 (Critical Reading and Math) or 1650 (Critical Reading, Math and Writing), with a minimum Critical Reading score of 570. For students taking the ACT, a 24 composite score or better is required with an English subscore of 24. Transfer applicants with more than 24 credits should have maintained an overall GPA of 3.2 in their previous college coursework.

What requirements do I need to advance into the upper-level undergraduate portion of the Program?

Advancement to the upper-level undergraduate portion of the Program requires maintaining an undergraduate GPA of 3.4 (cumulative and within the major) and satisfactory completion of an advancement interview conducted during the summer after the second year for continuing students and at the time of admission for transfer students.

What requirements do I need to enter the M.B.A. portion of the Program?

In addition to maintaining an overall GPA of 3.4 during the undergraduate portion of the Program, an application to the LIU Post M.B.A. program must be submitted. This application includes letters of recommendation and a personal statement. Applicants should have achieved a competitive score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test as well. The GMAT should be taken no later than the summer before the last year of undergraduate coursework in the Program.

What is the “Study Abroad” component?

An integral part of the Program is the opportunity to spend one semester studying at either of Long Island University’s Global College Centers located in India and China. This option is recommended during the second semester of upper-level undergraduate course work in the Program, and will consist of a full academic course load, cultural and social interaction, and potential for internships. All LIU Post scholarships are transferable for study abroad through Global College.

What are the scholarships and financial incentives associated with the Program?

Based upon the Program’s admission standards, accepted freshmen will receive at least $12,000 in scholarship annually toward their tuition for the first four years of the Program. Accepted transfer students will receive at least $6,000 in scholarship annually towards their first two years in the Program. Applicants may receive additional scholarships based upon their grades and standardized test scores. Continuing students must meet GPA standards to maintain their scholarship awards.

Because of the accelerated nature of this Program, students will take two graduate courses during their undergraduate studies without paying graduate tuition. Additionally, students reaching the last year of the Program will receive a 33% discount on graduate tuition for that year. All together, successful students will obtain their M.B.A. for almost half the normal cost.

How can I learn more about the Program?

Candidates interested in this unique program can contact Undergraduate Admissions at 516-299-2900 or; Dr. Amy Freedman, Chair, Department of Political Science/International Studies at 516-299-2407 or