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Program Requirements

Students will be required to maintain a B average, enroll in a six-credit government internship, and take 12 credits in economics. Moreover, in the student’s senior year, he or she will complete 12 graduate credits of public administration. Upon successful completion of the normal 129 credits required for graduation, the student will not receive the B.A. degree in Political Science, but will be given 12 credits of advanced standing in the M.P.A. program. The student, therefore, will be required to complete only 36 graduate credits in the Master of Public Administration program. (If the M.P.A. degree is pursued separately, it would require 48 credits). After completing the 36 graduate credits, and meeting all other requirements, the student will be awarded both the B.A. and M.P.A. degrees.

Note: If the student elects to not enter or complete the Master of Public Administration program, he or she will be entitled to the B.A. in Political Science degree upon the completion of the required 129 undergraduate credits.

About the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science:

The 129-credit Bachelor of Arts in Political Science offers a wide range of courses in five subject areas: political theory, American government, international relations, comparative government and public administration. Majors must include in their program:

POL 1, 2 Introduction to Political Science
POL 21 American Political Theory
POL 26 or 27 European Political Theory I or II
POL 51 International Relations
POL 64 Introduction to Comparative Politics
and six courses in advanced political science, for a total of 36 credits

About the M.P.A. in Public Administration:

The M.P.A. in Public Administration prepares you for a wide range of careers in public sector management and the administration of non-profit organizations. For those already employed in public service, the program offers opportunities to improve administrative skills, pursue a specific area of interest in depth, and prepare for increasing levels of responsibility and management.

The course work aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of organizational structures, administrative techniques, policy analysis and program management. Required foundation courses cover broad-based topics like “Principles of Public Administration” and “Organizational Theory and Behavior in the Public Sector,” as well as more fine-grained examinations of “Computer-based Management Systems” and “The Policy Process in Health Care and Public Administration.”

The Advanced Core Curriculum explores various aspects of public sector administration, including “Human Resource Administration,” “Fundamentals of Budgeting and Finance” and “Administrative Responsibility and the Legal Environment.” In addition, students can select from a rich assortment of electives. Finally, every student is required to write a thesis under the careful supervision of faculty members who are widely published in their fields.

Our M.P.A. degree is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

Students enrolled in the accelerated B.A. in Political Science/M.P.A. Program are required to complete 36 graduate credits.