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Program Requirements

All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies must satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements.
In addition, the program requirements are:

POL 1 Introduction to Political Science
POL 51International Relations
POL 62 Research Seminar in International Studies
POL 64Introduction to Comparative Politics

Three of the following:

POL 46 American Foreign Policy I
POL 52Psychological Foundations of International Relations
POL 53International Law I
POL 54International Law II
POL 55Politics of the Developing Nations
POL 56 World Affairs Since 1945
POL 57 Asian Religions in World Politics
POL 58Islam in World Politics
POL 59China in World Politics
POL 62Research Seminar in International Studies
POL 64 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL 65Politics of the European Union
POL 66Government and Politics of South and Southeast Asia
POL 67 Government and Politics of East Asia
POL 68Government and Politics of Western Europe
POL 69Government and Politics of Eastern Europe
POL 70Government and Politics of the Middle East
POL 71Russian Government and Politics
POL 72Government and Politics of Africa
POL 73Government and Politics of Latin America
ECO 11 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECO 12Introduction to Microeconomics

Three of the following:

ECO 7 Political Aspects of Economics
ECO 21 Money and Banking
ECO 25Economic Geography
ECO 41International Economics
ECO 42Economics of Underdeveloped Countries
ECO 43The Japanese Economy
ECO 44The Transition Economies of Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union
ECO 45Economics of the Middle East
ECO 46 Current Economic Issues
ECO 65The Money and Capital Markets
ECO 72 Statistics

Correlated Courses (12 credits)

International Studies majors, in completing this 12-credit requirement, must take at least two relevant courses in History, plus Geography 1 and 2.
Area of specialization (18-27 credits)

A program of study that will explore in-depth a particular specialization or area must be developed with and approved by the academic and career counselor and the director of International Studies Program. Students in this program must demonstrate an intermediate-level proficiency in a contemporary language other than English. This requirement may be satisfied by successful completion of a level-4 language course, or by passing a test approved in advance by the director of the International Studies Program.

Students who develop a specialization in Marketing or Finance are urged to take Accounting 11 and 12, and Computer Science 2.

Free Electives

After fulfilling the requirements of the Core Curriculum and the program, a student may use the balance of credits to pursue other elective academic interests. The number of free electives may be increased to the extent that the area of specialization courses also apply to the college Core Curriculum requirements. In this way Computer Science can be used to fulfill the CSC requirement for the business specialization, and Foreign Language proficiency at the intermediate level may fulfill a Core requirement.