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Minor in American Political Process

American Political Process StudentUndergraduate students at LIU Post who are pursuing a major in another subject area can apply elective courses (21 credits) toward a minor in American Political Process.

A minor adds value to your degree and a competitive edge in the job market by providing you with additional skills and enhanced knowledge in another field of study.

Required courses

POL 1 Introduction to Political Science I
POL 2 Introduction to Political Science II
POL 34 Legislative Process
(Total 9 credits)

Four of the following:

POL 21 American Political Theory
POL 26 European Political Theory
POL 27 European Political Theory II
POL 31 American Constitutional Law I
POL 32 American Constitutional Law II
POL 35 The American Judicial Process
POL 36 Public Opinion
POL 37 Political Parties
POL 38 Radical Movements and Politics of Change in the United States
POL 39 State and Local Government
POL 40 Women and the Anglo-American Legal Experience
POL 44 Urban Government
POL 46 American Foreign Policy I
POL 47 American Foreign Policy II
POL 48 Metropolitan Area Problems
POL 49 Politics and Personality: The American Context
(Total 12 credits)

Contact your academic and career counselor about requirements and additional information.