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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Student The study of philosophy broadens and sharpens the mind. It calls upon us to reflect on our lives and the choices we are confronted with daily. Philosophers raise questions about truth, ethics, social justice, God, the meaning of life, and much more. Philosophy helps to free us from the prejudices of society and opens up a world of possibilities never glimpsed by those content to lead “unexamined lives.”

Our mission is to teach students to experience the wonder and passion of thought—and to think for themselves.

Law school deans often say that philosophy is the best preparation for the legal profession. No wonder, since philosophy trains students to think effectively and to deal with complex ideas. Philosophy majors also rank highly in the estimation of medical schools, graduate programs in the arts and sciences, and corporate CEOs. Indeed, the study of philosophy is an ideal preparation for any career that requires creative, original thinking. Traditionally a degree in philosophy has been a gateway to many different careers: attorney, medical ethicist, intelligence analyst, political strategist, journalist, commentator, therapist, philosophy professor, clergyman, and others.

The Department of Philosophy offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a Minor in Philosophy. Our faculty members include internationally-recognized scholars whose work is published by major journals and top academic presses. They are dedicated to your academic success and to your personal and professional development.

The Department of Philosophy also houses the Institute for Peace and Social Justice. For more information on the Institute and its activities contact its director, Professor Arthur Lothstein, at

To learn more about our programs, we invite you to visit us in person in the Kahn Discovery Center at LIU Post. You may also email the Department Chair at Or call 516-299-2341 to make an appointment.