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Program Requirements for Continuing Students

A philosophy major must take at least 30 credits among philosophy courses according to the following distribution:

All of the following:

PHI 14 Introduction to Critical Reasoning (3)
PHI 25 History of Ancient Philosophy (3)
PHI 26 History of Modern Philosophy (3)
PHI 31 Philosophy of the 19th Century: Hegel to Nietzsche (3)
PHI 32 Philosophy of the 20th Century (3)

One of the following:

PHI 16 Aesthetics and the Philosophy of the Arts (3)
PHI 18 Social and Political Philosophy (3)
PHI 46 Moral Philosophy (3)

One of the following:

PHI 43 Knowledge and Truth (3)
PHI 44 Metaphysics (3)

One seminar from the following:

PHI 81 The Great Philosophers I (3)
PHI 82 The Great Philosophers II (3)

Any two philosophy electives (6)