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Program Requirements for Continuing Students

A philosophy major must take at least 33 credits among philosophy courses according to the following distribution:

PHL 25 History of Ancient Philosophy (3)
PHL 26 History of Modern Philosophy (3)
PHL 31 Philosophy of the 19th Century: Hegel to Nietzsche (3)
PHL 32 Philosophy of the 20th Century (3)

One from each of the following groups:

PHL 16 Aesthetics and the Philosophy of the Arts (3)
PHL 18 Social and Political Philosophy (3)
PHL 46 Moral Philosophy (3)


PHL 43 Knowledge and Truth (3)
PHL 44 Metaphysics (3)

One seminar:

Philosophy 81 or 82 The Great Philosophers (3)
Any three philosophy electives

Philosophy majors are further encouraged to develop a coherent minor program by choosing at least 18 credits in another area of study.