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Minor in Philosophy

Philosophy StudentUndergraduate students at LIU Post who are pursuing a major in another subject area can apply elective courses (18 credits) toward a minor in philosophy. A minor adds value to your degree and a competitive edge in the job market by providing you with additional skills and enhanced knowledge in another field of study.

The minor in philosophy at LIU Post will introduce students to the great thinkers of the ages, from Socrates and Plato to Freud and Sartre. Philosophy minors will develop critical thinking and analysis skills and be introduced to the role of philosophy in history, politics, literature, science, the law and relationships. The study of philosophy is helpful to students in all fields who are pursuing graduate work or entering professional schools.

Required Courses for the Minor in Philosophy:


18 credits in Philosophy, including any two courses in the history of philosophy sequence:
PHL 25 History of Ancient Philosophy (3)
PHL 26 History of Modern Philosophy (3)
PHL 31 Philosophy of the 19th Century: Hegel to Nietzsche (3)
PHL 32 Philosophy of the 20th Century (3)

Contact your academic and career counselor about requirements and additional information.