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Program Requirements

Students pursuing either the B.A. in Physics or the B.S. in Mathematics and Physics must satisfy the college core requirements: competencies (variable credit); history and philosophy (9 credits); language and literature (6 credits); arts (6 credits); political science or economics (6 credits); and sociology, psychology, geography, anthropology (6 credits). Candidates for a B.A. must complete at least 96 credits in the liberal arts and sciences. All physics majors should consult with the department academic counselor for further details as to degree requirements.

Those students planning careers in physics should choose a sequence of electives that includes Mathematics 51, and at least six credits of advanced science courses.

Major programs must be approved by a Physics Department advisor beginning with the first semester of the sophomore year. To continue as a physics major, a student must maintain an average in physics courses of at least 2.25.