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For Students in the CASE Program

M.S. in Special Education: Concentration in Autism

Education students who are enrolled in the M.S. in Special Education: Concentration in Autism (also called CASE for Concentration in Autism and Special Education) can also complete the requirements for the Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis by taking Psychology 607, 651, 657 and 658. These courses are taken in addition to the Education courses required to complete the CASE program. Students would need the additional 12 credits in Psychology listed above. Six credits in Education courses would substitute for the corresponding Psychology courses as shown below. Note: Students wishing to do this must complete an application for the ABA program, noting on the application that they are students of the CASE program.

Curriculum-Based Assessment and Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities/Autism (EDS 629)

This course focuses on the methodologies of: (1) assessment; (2) curriculum development; (3) individualized educational planning; and (4) instructional programming for children with severe developmental disabilities and autism, in place of PSY 704: Advanced Issues I: Autism

Behavioral Management for Children with Autism and Developmental Disorders (EDS 635)

This course provides an introduction to the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and its application for children with autism and other developmental disabilities, in place of PSY 705: Advanced Issues II: Development of Behavior Intervention Programs

For further information about the CASE program or M.S. in Special Education, please contact:

Dr. Kathleen Feeley
Associate Professor, Department of Special Education
Phone: 516-299-2231