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Alumni Outreach

The Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU Post is actively recruiting alumni of the program for a varied set of opportunities.  If you are interested in any of the benefits of being a Psy.D. program alum, please contact us at:

Service Disparity Fellowship Alumni Projects

  • Do you have a project that needs the assistance of a graduate student?
  • Is your project focused on working with under-served populations?
  • Can the assistant work you need done be done in the New York/New Jersey area and/or online?

Research Assistantships

  • Do you have a research project in need of a research assistant?
  • Do you have scholarly projects (writing, clinical work, etc) that is in need of some assistance?

Mentorship Opportunities

  • Diversity Advisory Council
  • Dissertation Mentorship
  • Post-Doc Mentorship
  • Setting up Your First Practice

Psychological Services Center Community Supervisor

  • 1 hour per week, September – July, with a second year student
  • CBT or Psychodynamic Supervision
  • Receive Supervisor Readings Guide
  • Attend semester Community Supervisor Meeting

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