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The Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU Post is a practitioner-scholar training program that offers both cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic theoretical training to its students.  Students who successfully complete the five-year program will receive a Doctor of Psychology Degree, (Psy.D.). 

Entering into doctoral-level training in our program is a five-year, full-time commitment.  Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the program’s training model, to speak to current and former students, and to attend our Open House Events. 

For more information about entering doctoral-level study and about becoming a clinical psychologist, please review the American Psychological Associations website at:

For consideration for the incoming Fall 2015 cohort, the admissions application is due in December of 2014.  Additional information and deadlines are provided in the Program's Guide to Admissions 2014-2015.

The information in the Guide is meant to offer applicants practical advice on doctoral training, specific about the LIU Post program, and offer a general sense of the road ahead as applicants begin considering this career pathway.Within this guide to admissions, you will find pertinent information about admission requirements, procedures, and timelines.

Applicants should note that each year offers a new pool of competitive applicants from across the nation, as well as across the globe.  For advice on your particular application, applicants are strongly encouraged to have a current or former faculty member or clinical placement supervisor review their application materials. 

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