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B.A. in Sociology with Concentration in Applied Sociology

Sociology StudentsThe 129-credit Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Concentration in Applied Sociology develops practical skills for a wide variety of sectors of society, such as counseling, mental health services, law enforcement, business and many more.

Focusing on specialized skills will allow you to turn sociology into action. The public and private sectors, organizations, agencies and industry look to applied sociology to define problems, identify their variables and craft viable solutions or courses of action.

Students choose one of four areas of study:

  • Family and Gender Studies
  • Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Community Sociology
  • Social Policy and Social Change

Program Goals

  • To teach sociology in a way that lends itself to practical application in business, government, social service and many other fields
  • To prepare graduates for meaningful careers where a sophisticated understanding of sociology and anthropology is a distinct advantage
  • To link academic sociology and anthropology with real-world action on the pressing issues of our time

Qualities That Set Our Program Apart

  • Experienced and dedicated faculty who lead the thoughtful exchange of information and ideas in small-class settings
  • Degree program structure that focuses on relevant concentrations while offering the flexibility to explore other topics as electives
  • A million-volume research library and access to outstanding internship and field study opportunities