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How it Works

For a face-to-face Writing Workshop, simply bring:

  • A copy of your text; an outline; or your notes and ideas so far
  • Your assignment if you have one
  • Your questions and ideas of what kind of feedback you are looking to receive

If you are unsure about your questions, that's okay; a Writing Assistant will work with you to set goals for the session.

To schedule a 45-minute face-to-face or Skype Writing Workshop appointment, call 516-299-2732, or come to Humanities Hall, Room 202, during our open hours. You can schedule an appointment up to two weeks in advance. Walk-in/Drop-in Workshops are also available. If a Workshop spot is open at the time you walk in, we’ll be happy to assist you. However, we do recommend you make an appointment to ensure you receive immediate attention when you arrive.

You can also have a "virtual" Writing Workshop, in which you can talk to and work with a Writing Assistant via Skype. Through “file sharing”, both you and the Writing Assistant can view what text you wish to work on, which is similar to a face-to-face appointment.

Reasons to work remotely, rather than face-to-face, might include the convenience of working from home and wanting to try out, or having a preference for, working remotely.