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Degree Requirements

A Master of Public Administration degree candidate must complete 42 credits of study. He or she must earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above to be approved for graduation. A student who exhibits exceptional preparation in a given area may be considered for a waiver of a specific course requirement. Foundation courses will normally not be waived. A written request for the waiver, accompanied by supporting documentation, must be submitted to the chairperson. If permission is granted, the student will receive written notification. A student who receives a waiver will be required to substitute three credits in his or her concentration for each course waived.

Time Limit for Receipt of Degree

Students are expected to complete their M.P.A. studies within five years of their initial class registration. Under extenuating circumstances, such as military service, family or career responsibilities, or personal illness or hardship, this time limit may be extended to seven years. Such an extension is initiated by a student’s written request to the Department Chairperson, followed by the Department’s Academic Policy Committee review and recommendation to the Chairperson. The Academic Policy Committee will consider such factors as GPA, courses incompleted, number of incompletes taken and outstanding, and other factors that the Committee deems to be relevant criteria for evaluation. A student who does not complete the degree within the specified time period from initial registration may request reapplication under the prevailing guidelines of the program in effect at the time of reapplication. If the reapplication is approved:

  • Courses taken prior to reapplication must be consistent with the degree program the student is reapplying for in order for credit to be applied toward the degree.
  • No course taken more than seven years prior to reapplication may be applied to the degree.
  • The student must have attained a grade of B or better in all eligible courses taken prior to reapplication or be required to re-take the course.
  • The time period for completion of the degree will begin with approval of the reapplication and will be the same as that for students beginning their initial registration as outlined above.

Transfer Credits

The Department may accept up to 12 transfer credits from an accredited graduate school. Transfer courses must be relevant to health care or public administration. Transfer credit will not be considered unless the student earned a grade of 3.00 or better for the course and were completed within five years. The student must also submit a syllabus for each course that he/she wishes to be considered for transfer credit. The course(s) will then be reviewed by the faculty, and the student will be notified.

Unsatisfactory Grades

A student whose grade point average drops below 3.00 is given one semester to attain the minimum required average. If the grade point average remains below 3.00, the student is required to repeat those classes in which a grade of C was received until his or her grade point average meets the 3.00 requirement. A student is not permitted to register for the Thesis courses (707-708) unless he or she has the minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00.