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Course Descriptions

For all course descriptions, see the Undergraduate Course Catalog located on the “Academics” link at the top of this page.

MAN 11 Principles of Management

This course introduces the student to management history, concepts, theories and practices. The managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling are examined.
Every Semester, 3 credits

MAN 12 Organizational Behavior

This course focuses on human behavior within organizations, including such topics as: motivation, communication, leadership, formal and informal organizations, implementing change, and organizational development.
Prerequisite: MGT 11
Every Semester, 3 credits

MAN 18 Introduction to Business Information Processing

This course is an introduction to information processing. Emphasis is on computer hardware and software and how it is integrated by end-users for management information systems. Personal Computer packages (spreadsheets, database management systems, and word-processing) will be used to illustrate the tools available to managers.
Every Semester, 3 credits

MKT 11 Marketing Principles and Practices

This is a survey course of the field of marketing with particular emphasis on segmentation and target marketing, differential advantage, product life cycles, positioning, marketing mix decisions and product development.
Every Semester, 3 credits

MKT 14 Consumer Motivation and Behavior

This course studies consumer behavior from a psychological and sociological perspective stressing consumer motivation, personality, psychographics and lifestyle research, social class and culture, learning theory, attitude formation and change, opinion leadership and diffusion of innovations.
Writing Across Curriculum
Prerequisite of MKT 11 is required
Every Semester, 3 credits

MKT 51 Marketing Research

This course studies marketing research methods and designs, including survey methods, focus groups, depth interviews, observation and experimental approaches. Topics also include sampling techniques, interpretation of data, the use of consumer panels, mall intercepts and UPC scanning.
Prerequisites MKT 11 and QAS 20 are required
Every Semester, 3 credits

MKT 81 Marketing Seminar

This is the capstone course aimed at developing the student's analytical abilities through class discussion of actual marketing cases and the use of computer simulations involving a variety of marketing decision-making skills and knowledge. May be taken concurrently with Marketing 51 with instructor's permission.
Prerequisite of MKT 51 or corequisite of MKT 51 with instructor’s permission and Senior status is required
Every Semester, 3 credits