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GMAT ExamThe Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT) Exam measures basic analytical writing, mathematics and verbal skills that have been developed in one’s educational and work environment. The exam starts with the Analytical Writing Assessment, which requires two separate writing tasks. The next part is the Quantitative section, which consists of problem-solving tasks. The Verbal section includes reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions. The score range for the test is 200-800.

While our typical MBA student has scored at least a 500 on the GMAT, LIU Post requires a minimum score of 400 on the GMAT for admission into the MBA program (higher if the overall undergraduate GPA is between 2.5-2.75). However, students who have not yet taken the GMAT or scored within the acceptable range are invited to enroll in the Personal Enrichment Program as non-matriculated students and take up to two 500-level MBA core courses. It is expected the student complete the GMAT Exam and achieve an acceptable score no later than the completion of the second course.

The GMAT is not required if a student has taken the LSAT Exam within the past five (5) years and has received a minimum score of 141. Those students holding CPA license, JD degree, doctorate degree, or a Master’s degree in Engineering also are exempt from the GMAT. The GRE is not accepted for admission into the LIU Post MBA program.

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