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Typical Sequence of Courses

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 36 - 48 Credits

The MBA Curriculum

Core (18 credits*)

Course Credits
GBA 520 Economics for Business Decisions 3
GBA 521 Financial Accounting and Reporting 3
GBA 522 Corporate Financial Management (Pre/Co requisite: GBA 521) 3
GBA 523 Management and Leadership in a Global Society 3
GBA 524 Marketing Management 3
GBA 525 Statistics for Managers 3

* Some or all Core courses may be waived if the student has taken an equivalent undergraduate course within the past five (5) years and earned a grade of “B” (3.0) or better. If five (5) core courses are waived, the student must substitute one (1) additional Elective course. If all six (6) core courses are waived, the student must substitute two (2) additional Elective courses.

Management Perspectives (18 credits)

Course Credits
MBA 620 Managing Information Technology and e-Commerce (Pre/Co requisites: GBA 520, GBA 521, GBA 524, GBA 525) 3
MBA 621 Financial Markets and Institutions (Prerequisite: GBA 522) 3
MBA 622 Competitive Marketing Strategy (Prerequisite: GBA 524) 3
MBA 623 Organizational Behavior (Prerequisite: GBA 523) 3
MBA 624 Operations Management (Prerequisite: GBA 525) 3
MBA 625 Global Business: Environment and Operations (Prerequisite: Core Courses) 3

Electives (9 to 15 credits)

Students select courses that fit their needs and career goals from the areas of Finance, International Business, Management, and or Marketing. Prerequisite: Core and Management Perspective courses

Students who have waived 5 or 6 Core courses must take 4 or 5 Elective courses, respectively.

Integrative Capstone (3 credits)

MBA 820 Business Policy
Prerequisite: Core and Management Perspective courses