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Degree Requirements

In addition to the specific requirements for the B.S. in Business Administration, all students must fulfill the Core Curriculum and Competency Requirements of LIU Post and achieve an overall G.P.A. of at least 2.5 in your major.

Requirements ( 39 Credits)

ACC 11 Accounting Principles I
ACC 12 Accounting Principles II
FIN 11 Corporation Finance
FIN 12 Corporate Financial Policy
LAW 13 Legal Environment of Business
MAN 11 Principles of Management
MAN 12 Organizational Behavior
MAN 16 Business Communications
MAN 18 Introduction to Business Information Processing
MAN 71 Business Policy
MKT 11 Marketing Principles and Practices
MKT 14 Consumer Motivation and Behavior

*QAS 19 Decision Analysis
*QAS 20 Advanced Business Statistics
*Management majors may take either QAS 19 or QAS 20

Business Electives (9 Credits)

Total Discipline Requirements

Select one from the list below (15 Credits)


FIN 31 Investments
FIN 81 Seminar in Financial Services
Additional Finance Electives

International Business

MKT 71 International Marketing
FIN 71 Global Financial Markets
MAN 75 International Management and Cross Cultural Behavior
Additional Electives


MAN 14 Creating and Managing Small Business
MAN 81 Management Seminar
Additional Management Electives

Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS 20 Principles of MIS
MIS 30 Business Systems Analysis and Database Design
MIS 40 Management Support Systems
MIS 50 Management of Telecommunications and Networks
MIS 60 Managing Information Technology and Electronic Commerce in a Multinational Business Environment


MKT 51 Marketing Research
MKT 81 Marketing Seminar
Additional Marketing Electives

Total Business Requirements: 63 Credits
Liberal Arts Requirements and College 101: 66 Credits
Total Credit Requirements: 129 Credits