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Minor in Business

Minor in Business AdministrationA minor in Business Administration is a great complement to any degree. Students have the ability to master business knowledge and skills with a Business Minor, which consists of 18 credits: 9-credit of required business core courses and 9-credits of elective courses from any of the four Business Administration areas of specialization (finance, international business, management and marketing). Students seeking a business minor should contact an academic and career counselor for more information.

Required courses for the Basic Business Minor

MAN 11 Principles of Management
MKT 11 Marketing Principles and Practices
FIN 11 or ACC 11 Principles of Financial Accounting
Plus nine credits of electives in finance, international business, management, management information systems or marketing

Students desiring to enter the MBA program are advised to take both FIN 11 and ACC 11, and QAS 20, leaving one more elective. Doing so will allow five 500-level course to be waived in the MBA program.

Other students may structure their own business minor by using any courses in the business program to fulfill the electives, provided that the prerequisites are met.