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Admission Requirements


  • Admission into the Cardiovascular Perfusion Program at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y.
  • Once the applicant has been accepted by North Shore University Hospital, the completed application will be forwarded to the Department of Biomedical Sciences at LIU Post. No additional application is needed.
  • Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university with a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 system.
  • Undergraduate courses that must have been completed include:
    — 2 semesters of college biology (8 credits)
    — 2 semesters of anatomy and physiology (8 credits)
    — 2 semesters of college chemistry (8 credits)
    — 2 semesters of college math (6 credits)
    — 1 semester of college physics (4 credits)
  • Three letters of recommendation

Candidates are assessed for admission into the program based upon:

  • Experience
  • Academic performance
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Insight into perfusion technology
  • Expressed motivation

For further information regarding the program contact:

Richard Chan, Program Director
NSUH-LIU-CWP School of Cardiovascular Perfusion
225 Community Drive South Entrance
Great Neck, N.Y. 11021
Phone: 516-918-4356
Fax: 516-466-3780

Dr. Francis Gizis, Chair
Department of Biomedical Sciences
LIU Post
720 Northern Boulevard
Brookville, N.Y. 11548
Phone: 516-299-3047

Advanced Standing into the M.S. Program in Cardiovascular Perfusion at LIU Post

An experienced or practicing cardiovascular perfusionist who desires an M.S. in Cardiovascular Perfusion may apply for admission to this program. Their clinical expertise will be evaluated by North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) regarding individual competency in courses of surgery (6 credits); perfusion technology (6 credits); and three clinical practicums (I, II, III) - (5 credits each). The Director of the Cardiovascular Perfusion Program at the NSUH will assign the grades for these courses. The other admission criteria listed above under 1, 2, and 3 must also be met. Students with advanced standing must take 27 credits of graduate course work in Biomedical Sciences in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the LIU Post.