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Venkata KolluVenkata Sravani Kollu, Master of Science in Medical Biology, Class of 2012

Venkata Sravani Kollu came to America from India with the passion to assist in research that would make a difference in the world. Venkata chose LIU Post because of its state-of-the-art facilities and world-class faculty in the biomedical sciences. Now, Venkata works with other graduate students in the program on DNA research concerning gene expression and its role in the production of cancer cells.

Venkata is enrolled in LIU Post's 36-credit Master of Science degree program in Medical Biology. The M.S. program in Medical Biology at LIU Post prepares graduate students for careers in health education, health care agencies, medical, pharmaceutical laboratories, management information systems or biomedical research in the public or private sectors. Some students enroll in the M.S. program as a stepping stone into post-graduate professionals school such as medical or dental school.

"Science is a field that does so much good day by day. You can really help people and that's something I have always wanted to do," says Venkata.