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Software/Hardware Requirements

Students will need Internet access and a PC computer with the latest version of a web browser. For Adobe Connect meetings students will need a headset with a microphone.

- Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7 is required; (Note: Mac OS X is not supported)
- Processor: 1 GHz or higher
- Memory: 1 GB of RAM or greater
- Internet connection: Broadband (cable or DSL) connection is required. Dial-up access will not be sufficient
- Browser: Firefox
- Plug Ins: Adobe Reader; QuickTime; Windows Media Player; Adobe Flash Player

The learning management system utilized is Blackboard which can be accessed anywhere you have Internet access. The following guidelines will make your experience much more productive:

  • Firefox Web browser is the recommended browser for Blackboard.
  • Be sure your computer has the latest Flash player installed. Flash enables videos from YouTube and other sources to be played within Blackboard.  
  • Sometimes wireless connections can be slow; if you encounter problems, it is best to switch to a hardwired connection.

Course access for Blackboard is available to registered students at  Support is available at or by contacting the Office of Information Technology at 516-299-3967.