Mission Statement

The mission of the DPD parallels that of LIU Post and meets the Standards of Excellence set forth by ACEND, and the Standards of Professional Performance (SOPP) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. We are committed to disseminating evidence-based information to students to improve lifestyle choices for health promotion and disease prevention amongst those they will serve. Our program includes an extensive study in nutrition and dietetics, and a broad liberal arts and science education that provides the foundation for students to develop intellectual awareness, cultural appreciation and social responsibility. Through the integration of a variety of learning experiences, our program prepares graduates who have a thorough understanding of dietetics theory and practice, and research methodology. Innovative academic opportunities for students help to develop critical and expressive abilities, as well as to provide students with the ability to utilize emerging technologies and to adapt to change. Our challenging but supportive environment fosters personal growth and civic responsibility. In doing so, the program promotes the ability to collaborate with others as well as develop a respect for diverse societies and viewpoints. Our program’s ultimate aim is to prepare students to meet the challenges and rigors of a dietetic internship, and emphasizes life-long learning as a means for dietetics professionals to remain informed and knowledgeable in an evolving profession.