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Minor in Nutrition

This plan of study is intended for students who are interested in the field of Nutrition. Completion of the minor does not qualify a student to become a Registered Dietitian. Students wishing to minor in Nutrition will complete a minimum of 15 credits in Nutrition. In addition, 8 credits of Biology and 8 credits of General Chemistry are required. Therefore, a total of 31 credits will be required for the minor.

Required Nutrition Courses    Credits
NTR 100 Concepts in Nutrition 3
NTR 101 Contemporary Nutrition Strategies 3
NTR 211 Medical Nutrition Therapy I 3
NTR 212 Medical Nutrition Therapy II 3
Plus One Nutrition Elective      Credits

NTR 16 Cultural and Social Aspects of Food
NTR 16 L Cultural and Social Aspects of Food Laboratory



NTR 21 Introductory Food Science 
NTR 21L Introductory Food Science Laboratory


Total 15 or 16