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Degree Requirements

Satisfactory completion of 129 credits in the Liberal Arts Core and Competencies, the Social Work Major (foundation and related requirements) and Elective Areas is required for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work. These include:

College Core

Courses Credits
College 101 (not required for transfer students) 1
Laboratory Science (fulfilled by BIO 1, 2 in the plan) 8
Language/Literature 6
History/Philosophy (partially fulfilled by PHI 13 requirement) 9
Mathematics (fulfilled by MTH 1, 3,5,6,7, or 15) 3
Political Science/Economics (partially fulfilled by ECO 10 and ECO 12 requirement) 6
Fine Arts 6
Social Sciences (fulfilled by PSY 1 and PSY 2 requirement) 6
College Competencies [Oral, Library, Writing (ENG 1, 1S, 1F, 2, 2F)] 6
Total 51

Social Work Major Courses (14 courses – 47 Credits)

Course (Pre-Req) Title Credits
SWK 1 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare 3
SWK 50 (SOC 1) Social Welfare Programs and Policies I 3
SWK 51 (SWK 1, SWK 50) Social Welfare Programs and Policies II 3
SWK 60 (SOC 1, BIO 1 or 7, PSY 1 & 2, SWK 1 & 50 – co-req for Junior transfers) Human Behavior in the Social Environment I 3
SWK 61 (SWK 60) Human Behavior in the Social Environment II 3
SWK 70 (SWK 1 & 50 - co-req for Junior transfers; co-req SWK 79) Social Work Practice I 3
SWK 71 (SWK 70; co-req SWK 80) Social Work Practice II 3
SWK 75 (SWK 71) Ethnic-Sensitive Social Work 3
SWK/HPA 18 Research Methods 3
SWK/HPA 19 (SWK/HPA 18) Statistics 3
SWK 79 (SWK 1 & 50, co-req for Junior transfers; co-req SWK 70) Introduction to Field Placement 1
SWK 80 (SWK 79; co-req SWK 71) Field Instruction I 4
SWK 90 (SWK 80, Senior status) Field Instruction II 6
SWK 91 (senior status) Field Instruction III 6

Social Work Related Requirements (3 courses – 9 Credits)

Course (Pre-Req) Title Credits
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 3
HPA 20 Computer Based Management Systems 3
POL 80 (Senior status) Administrative Behavior 3

Elective Courses (22 Credits)

Course Title Credits
Social Work related electives PSY 25, 26, 29, 30, 32, 63, 70; SOC 3, 15, 22, 24, 33, 70; ANP 1, 2; PHI 8, 14, 19; SWK 30, 31, 385, 386, 389, 390 6
Free Electives 16

The only courses in the major that are open to freshmen and sophomores are SWK 1, SWK 50, the Related Requirements and Social Work Related Electives. All Social Work foundation requirements will be offered as a unit beginning in the junior year. Upper class students, those who began their course of study at CW Post as well as transfer students, will progress as a collective unit to foster professional identification and promote a collaborative student-teacher learning approach. Transfer students from community colleges will be given credit for courses that are judged equivalent to CW Post courses and may need to take additional prerequisite courses concurrent with foundation Social Work courses. Transfer of students from Nassau and Suffolk Community Colleges is facilitated by articulation agreements with the programs.

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and a cumulative GPA of 2.75 in the foundation and related social work courses to retain standing in the program. The Program makes every attempt to assist and address students’ difficulties in both the classroom and the field, before a problem affects performance. One semester of probation is granted to students to bring up grades to the designated standards. Students who do not meet the GPA requirements by the last semester of the Senior year are not allowed to graduate unless courses are repeated and the GPA requirements are met. There is one exception to this allowance for probationary students. Those who fail any course in field experience are dismissed from the program with no opportunity for probation.