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Minor in Social Work

Minor in Social WorkThe minor in Social Work provides students with understanding of the profession’s emphasis on human relationships and social justice. Students learn the bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects of human behavior and development, the dynamics of social systems including family, group, community and organizations as well as social policy analysis and advocacy. The minor is designed for students in related disciplines such as psychology, sociology, health sciences, health care and public administration, art therapy and education. Completion of this minor will help students to broaden their skills in counseling as well as delivery of health and social services, and allow the determination if pursuing graduate study in social work is the right career path for them.

The social work field and practice-related courses are open only to students majoring in social work. However, all other courses are open to non-majors. The courses contained in the Social Work Minor consist of both required and elective courses from the major.

A student minoring in Social Work must take the 18 credits below and maintain a 2.5 GPA

SWK 1 Introduction to Social Work 3
SWK 50 Social Welfare Programs and Policies I 3
SWK 51 Social Welfare Programs and Policies II 3
SWK 60 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I 3
SWK 61 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II 3
POL 80 Administrative Behavior 3
Total 18