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Grievance Policy

Undergraduate Student Grievance Procedure

The School of Health Professions and Nursing (SHPN) faculty members are committed to assist students with any academic difficulties. A student who wishes to submit a grievance has the right to do so by utilizing the following procedures:

  1. A student must follow his/her department grievance policy first before proceeding to the SHPN policy.
  2. Any academic conduct policy violation initiated by instructors/faculty members will follow the disciplinary/appeals processes as outlined in the LIU website. Students should refer to the following websites for the procedures and for their rights as a student.

    LIU Post Academic Conduct
    LIU Post Standards of Conduct
    LIU Post Disciplinary Conduct
    LIU Post Appeals
    LIU Post Student Rights

Graduate Student Academic Grievance Procedure

  1. Instructor/faculty member:
    The student must first make an effort to resolve the matter with the course instructor/faculty member. The student must contact the instructor or faculty member within 10 business days of the issue. The instructor will meet with the student to discuss the grievance within 5 business days of being contacted. If there is no resolution, the student may file a formal written grievance (SHPN Grievance Form) with the Chair/Program Director of the department within 10 business days after meeting with the instructor/faculty member.
  2. Chair/Program Director:
    The Chair/Director will schedule a meeting with the student within 5 business days of his/her receipt of the student grievance. At this time the Chair/Director may also consult with the faculty member/instructor to discuss the grievance and attempt to resolve the matter. The Chair/Director may consult other members of his/her department informally or as part of a departmental meeting/committee. Individual departments shall determine such procedures. The Chair/Director must advise the student in writing of his/her finding within 10 business days of the meeting with the student.

Appeal Procedure

For undergraduate students, follow the appeals link listed:
LIU Post Appeals

For graduate students:

  1. Subject to the procedures outlined below, the student may appeal the decision to the Dean of the School of Health Professions and Nursing within 10 business days of the issuance of the Chair/Director’s decision. The student must submit a written appeal to the Dean (Grievance Appeal Request Form) indicating (1) the basis of the appeal and (2) all methods used to date to resolve the problem.
  2. The Dean will review the case and, if she/he believes the appeal has merit, will refer the matter to the Dean’s Academic Standing Committee. A meeting of the Academic Standing Committee will be convened within 10 business days of receipt of the referral.
  3. The Academic Standing Committee will hear statements from both the student and faculty/department.
  4. The Academic Standing Committee will make a recommendation to the Dean within 5 business days after the conclusion of its meeting.
  5. The student will be notified by the Dean in writing of the decision within 10 business days of the dean receiving the recommendation from the Academic Standing Committee.
  6. The Dean’s decision is the final decision making body within the School of Health Professions and Nursing. If the student wishes to appeal the Dean’s decision, the student must submit a Grievance Appeal Request Form to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (stating the reasons why the Dean’s decision is being appealed) within 5 business days after receipt of the Dean’s letter.

It is presumed that academic decisions result from consistent, fair, and equitable application of clearly articulated standards and procedures. Students appealing such decisions (to the Dean or Vice President of Academic Affairs) must demonstrate that the standards and procedures were not clearly stated or that they were not applied in a consistent, fair and equitable manner. The burden of proof of an appeal is on the student.