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Christine Kerr, Ph.D., A.T.R.-BC, C.G.P., LCAT, Director of Art Therapy Programs, has been a practicing clinical art therapist since 1974, with 39 years of clinical experience. She is a board certified clinical art therapist and currently is certified as a group psychotherapist. Dr. Kerr holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Her main focus is the clinical application of art psychotherapy with adult populations, including but not limited to: affective disorders, addictions, eating disorders, dissociative disorders, and family therapy. Dr. Kerr maintains an active private practice. She has published research articles on art therapy with the elderly, family therapy and dissociative disorders. Dr. Kerr has lectured nationally and internationally on adult disorders. Dr. Kerr is currently the Unites States Representative for the European Art Therapy Consortium. Dr. Kerr's seminal textbook in family art therapy, titled Family Art Therapy, was published by Taylor-Rutledge in August 2008 (245 pages),This text has been translated into four languages. Her new family art therapy book will address family treatment from an international perspective. Dr. Kerr has a wealth of experience and knowledge in family practice and family art therapy.

Dr. SeungYeon Lee, Ed.D., ATR-BC, LCAT, assistant professor, has served as a board certified and licensed creative art therapist since she received her master's degree in art therapy from New York University in 1999. Her clinical practices focused on immigrant youngsters' artistic engagements as learning tools for them to grow into thoughtful and engaged citizens living in a challenging environment. For those young immigrants, she developed a series of community after-school art therapy programs in New York City. In 2009, she received her Doctor of Education in Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Lee's research has involved the study of at-risk immigrant children and the role played by the visual arts in their efforts to form new identities; she has presented papers on the topic at national and international conferences. At New York University's Langone Medical Center, Dr. Lee expanded the clinical application of art therapy to an adult population with inpatient psychiatric services. She also initiated a partnership with the Museum of Modern Art to facilitate art-appreciation therapy groups for the psychiatric patients and their families. In 2007, she launched a pilot project to teach digital photography to patients of the Rusk Rehabilitation Institute and managed several exhibitions, the latest of which consisted of eight patient-artists' works at the Clamp Art Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Before joining LIU Post's Clinical Art Therapy Program, Dr. Lee taught at New York State University at Dutchess as well as at Montclair State University. She has also maintained an active private practice in New York City.

Seung Lee is a painter and installation artist. His paintings, drawings, and large-scale installations have been exhibited extensively in the U.S. as well as internationally. He has received numerous reviews in the New York Times, Newsday, Art World magazine and is included in “Artist Profiles of Korea and Japan.” Seung serves as Director of Fine Art and Graduate Studies at LIU Post. Professor Lee received the prestigious “Best International Korean Artist of 2010” award during a ceremony at the Korean Art Festival.

Joan Harrison, M.A., is a professor of art who has taught drawing, painting, sculpture and photography for the clinical art therapist. Professor Harrison is an artist and photographer, and teaches drawing photography and collage. She is Interested in images, ideas and how to sustain creativity over a lifetime. Her publications include “Family: A Celebration of Humanity” (2001), “Black and White Photography, Manifest Visions an International Collection” (2000), and “Pregnant Pictures” (2000). She also wrote several other books, including a “Magic Wand,” article on teaching digital imaging published by Addison Wesley (1998), “History of Photography,” and “Colour in the Gum-Bichromate Medium; A Uniquely Personal Aesthetic.”

DeeDee Lictenberg-Scanlan, MCAT, A.T.R.-BC, graduated from Hahnemann Medical College with a master's degree in creative art therapies. This was an innovative degree 25 years ago when it proposed a team approach utilizing all of the creative therapies (dance, music, art) in conjunction with the more mainstream psychotherapeutic modalities. In Philadelphia, she had the unique experience to work with a number of institutions who were forerunners in integrating alternative therapies. DeeDee has been fortunate to work with many populations and age groups in a variety of organizations and institutions, including the Chester-Crozier Hospital Psychiatric Unit, Carrier Clinic, The Wood School, United Cerebral Palsy of NYC and Suffolk County, and the Sid Jacobson JCC. Her professional philosophy is to use art both diagnostically and therapeutically. Snd she believes that we have just started to see the magic and benefit of the arts in our society.

Naomi Schwartz, M.A., ATR-BC, LCAT, is a licensed, board certified, registered art therapist. She is presently an adjunct professor and serves as the Internship Coordinator in the Clinical Art Therapy program at LIU Post. She is also currently employed as a primary counselor specializing in creative arts therapy in the children's program at VIBS (Victim's Information Bureau of Suffolk), where she works with children who have suffered trauma witnessing or being victims of domestic violence. She has also worked in a variety of psychiatric and educational settings, and maintains a private practice with clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Ms. Schwartz is a professional member of AATA and NYATA, and is a prize winning watercolor painter of the Independent Art Society of Long Island.

Dina Palma, A.T.R-B.C, LCAT: A C.W Post alumna of the Creative Arts Therapy program in 1999, Dina has worked with various populations, ranging from traumatic brain injury, physically disabled and those suffering from mental illness. Her main focus over the last decade has been providing primary group therapy and art therapy services to adults and seniors at South Oaks Hospital, an inpatient psychiatric care facility. She blends her love of art, writing and extensive training in the Sanctuary Model (Trauma-Informed / Evidence Based) to help patients resolve loss, improve insight, motivation and regain hope. She shares her enthusiasm and support in the field by providing supervision to undergraduate / graduate level students for over ten years. Dina has also provided review classes for the art therapy exam and supervision for new graduates seeking New York State licensure. Her hope is to share her knowledge and experience in the classroom, on-site and in supervision to foster a seamless transition from student to seasoned professional.

Kelvin Ramirez, M.S., A.T.R.-BC, graduated from the College of New Rochelle with a master’s degree in Art Therapy/ Counseling. He has worked with a variety of age groups in diverse settings, including educational, medical, and psychiatric. Currently, Kelvin is the Vice Principal for Student Affairs at a high school in the South Bronx where he has integrated the creative arts therapies into the ninth grade curriculum to aid students transitioning into high school. Kelvin is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Expressive Therapies at Lesley University, where his research interest is in exploring the impact of creative art therapies on adolescent academic achievement and personal growth. Artistically, Kelvin has exhibited in both solo and group exhibits at Stonehill College and Rio Penthouse Gallery, respectively. Kelvin is professionally affiliated with AATA and IEATA.

Dr. Tobi Zausner (Visiting Lecturer): Dr. Zausner has an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Art and Psychology. She is an award-winning artist with permanent collections throughout major art museums in New York City and collections worldwide. An art historian, Dr. Zausner was the Chair of Art History for the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology. Dr. Zausner teaches at the C.J. Jung Foundation. She has also taught at the New School in New York City. Dr. Zausner has authored numerous seminal books in the area of art and psychology. Her current book reviewed by The New York Times is called “When Walls Become Doorways.”