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Degree Requirements

Students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Art must:

  1. Complete with an average grade of B an approved program of at least 36 semester hours of credits, including at least 18 hours in courses on the 600- and 700-level.
  2. Complete ART 707 and ART 708, Master’s Studio Thesis.
  3. Complete a program of study in Art with a major concentration chosen from one of the following areas of specialization: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Digital Graphics or Photography.

Students will be required to complete ART 503, 517, and 611* before taking courses in their main area of concentration. At least six credits in Art History must also be completed prior to graduation.

*Art 6ll not required for photography majors

Thesis Requirements

Every candidate for the Master of Arts degree is expected to undertake and submit an acceptable thesis project. Only students who have been accepted as degree candidates may apply for the thesis courses. Degree candidate status is granted only after a review of the candidate’s academic record, a review of his/her portfolio, fulfillment of any special requirements and completion of all studio art courses in the candidate’s area of specialization. The thesis shall be a creative project in the area of the student’s major concentration, such as Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia, etc. Application for thesis courses must be made in writing prior to registration for the course. This statement of intent should outline the concepts and describe the aesthetic goals and the technical means to be used in the completion of the project. A thesis advisor is chosen after consultation between the student and the graduate art advisor. Candidates will be required to exhibit the project. The candidate shall design the announcement, prepare the catalogue and personally supervise the mounting of the exhibition after approval of each by the advisor. In addition, the student must have the entire project photographed or videotaped so that a record of the project may be placed on file. The School of Visual and Performing Arts reserves the right to select at least one sample from the project for its collection.