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Degree Requirements

Students must:

  1. Complete all courses with an average grade of B or better and complete at least 51 credits as prescribed in the Plan of Study
  2. Complete ARTH 707, ARTH 708 Master's Thesis

Required Courses

Students who have had equivalent academic work at another approved institution may apply for a waiver of one or more of the required courses. If the equivalent courses also meet the requirements for transfer credit, a separate application for such credit may be made; otherwise students must add an equal number of courses to their Plan of Study to maintain the required total semester hours of credit.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credit (up to nine semester hours) may be granted for graduate courses taken at other approved institutions prior to registration in this department provided that:

  1. Such courses have not been applied toward another degree
  2. The specific courses are deemed equivalent by the Director of Art Therapy
  3. Grades of B or better were obtained in such courses
  4. Such courses were completed no more than five years prior to registration for graduate work

Thesis Requirements

Every candidate is expected to undertake and submit an acceptable thesis project. Only students who have been accepted as degree candidates may apply for the thesis research and thesis course. Degree candidate status is granted after a review of the student's academic record and completion of all studio courses. The student has the responsibility of selecting a topic, of securing the agreement of a faculty member to serve as a thesis advisor and of obtaining the approval of the department chairperson. These steps must be completed at least 30 days prior to registration in the thesis research course. The student must submit a copy of the completed thesis to the Art Department.