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Degree Requirements

The following are the requirements for the Master of Fine Arts degree:

  1. Grades of B or better in all studio courses and completion of at least 60 credits as prescribed in the Plan of Study.
  2. Master’s Thesis: A creative project taken in the area of specialization and an exhibition of project. Each candidate for an M.F.A. degree will produce a creative project in their area of specialization and present a written thesis proposal prior to registration for the thesis (FTHE 708). An exhibition of the thesis project must be presented at the Hillwood Art Museum and a photographic record submitted to the Department of Art upon completion.
  3. The total of studio and related professional requirements taken during the combination of the undergraduate and graduate years shall be 129 semester hours or more. Art history courses taken during undergraduate years must total 12 semester hours or more, and the sum of general studies, undergraduate and graduate, must be 30 semester hours or more. These requirements are based on the recommendation of the National Association of Schools of Art.
  4. An M.F.A. degree is not granted for the technical or academic fulfillment of formal requirements alone. The graduate Art faculty’s primary concern is the candidate’s grasp of the subject and distinguished accomplishment. Periodic review of student’s work and interviews to determine candidate’s progress and ascertain possible deficiencies will be held.
  5. The program can be completed in two years, but must be completed in no more than five. Students have the option of enrolling in a two-or three year program of study for Fine Arts.