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Course Descriptions

ART 19 Photography

This course is an introduction to the mechanics and aesthetics of photography. It is a studio course in basic photographic processes, principles and techniques that use the camera and digital darkroom as an art media.
Every Semester, 3 credits
Studio fee, $75

ART 20 Advanced Photography

This course utilizes advanced techniques and processes in the digital darkroom with an emphasis on composition and creativity. Seminars emphasize individual criticism and instruction.
Every Semester, 3 credits
Studio fee, $75.
Requirement: Prerequisite of ART 2 or ART 19 or permission of instructor is required

ART 79 History of Photography

This course covers the development of photography from its earliest days as both a technique and as an art and its relation to the other arts in terms of mutual influence. This course examines the relationship of technique to photographic form as seen in daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, calotypes, wet plates, tin types, and today's 35mm photography.
Fall, 3 credits

ART 2, 3 Studio Foundation

Students continue the study of drawing, 2-D design, 3-D design and photography, which began with Art 2, in this team-taught course. This course provides additional training in materials, techniques and concepts required for all Art majors.
Studio fee, $70
Annually, 6 credits per semester

PHOT 101 B&W Silver Gelatin Printing

A studio course in traditional methods of B&W film development and silver gelatin darkroom techniques and aesthetics.
Studio fee, $75
Every semester, 3 credits
Requirements: Prerequisites of ART 19 or ART 2 are required.

PHOT 5 Photo Studio

This is an advanced course examining equipment, techniques and problems in the professional field. Students use large format view cameras, lenses, lighting instruction in the zone system, etc., with an emphasis on creativity.
Prerequisite: Photo 101
Studio fee, $70
Fall, 3 credits