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Course Requirements

CMA 2 Mass Media in American Society

This course will introduce the student to ways of thinking critically about the media culture that surrounds us and to ways of understanding the complex relationships among media society and the individual through the 20th century and to the present. Rather than covering media exhaustively, this class will examine a number of interesting and revealing examples drawn from various media and changing time periods, focusing on how the culture has adapted media, from radio to Twitter, to its needs and desires.
Every Semester, 3 credits

JOUR 3 Basic Newswriting

The course is an introduction to the reporting and writing of the news story. Emphasis is on the construction of a coherent story from available facts. News writing on deadline and computer skills are also stressed.
Co-requisites: ENG 1.
Special Fee, $70
Fall, 3 credits

JOUR 4 Intermediate Reporting

This course focuses on writing assignments with a strong emphasis on reporting actual events in campus or off-campus settings. The course includes an introduction to public affairs, municipal and campus government reporting.
Same as PR 8.
Prerequisite: JOUR 3.
Spring, 3 credits

JOUR 5 Writing for Electronic Journalism

Newswriting and editing practices specifically for electronic news media.
Prerequisites or Co-requisite: JOUR 4.
Annually, 3 credits

Plus 6 additional credits in JOUR or CMA