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Course Descriptions

PR 1 Introduction to Public Relations

A survey of basic public relations principles including definitions, management models and procedures that are standard for the profession. Careers and the functions of PR professionals within organizations, nonprofit or corporate, and governmental agencies are covered. The history of public relations in the United States, legal aspects, historical figures, audiences, business planning, media relations and research techniques are included.

Prerequisites: ENG 1 and 2, Every Semester, 3 credits

PR 2 Writing and Editing for Public Relations

Public relations writing and techniques designed to obtain publicity are explored in this course. Students develop the analytical and writing skills required in the field. This writing course covers the styles and approaches required for writing press releases, photo captions, backgrounders, pubic service announcements, and media alerts. It covers what makes news, types of stories that interest media, and media information in general. Media and message targeting to appropriate audiences are examined and evaluated through the preparation of a press kit.

Co-requisites: PR 1, Every Semester, 3 credits

PR 20 Case Studies in Public Relations

This course provides an overview of problems and opportunities facing the profession, helps the student identify public relations initiatives, and introduces current problem-solving practices and evaluation procedures. Public relations campaigns are analyzed through a management approach that stresses strategic planning and implementation techniques. The course combines management’s decision-making initiatives.
Prerequisite: PR 2, Every Semester, 3 credits

PR 25 The Business of Public Relations

Introduces the business side of public relations from the agency (consultant), in-house department (corporate, nonprofit or association) and entrepreneurial perspectives. In addition to business basics, practical knowledge of budgeting, billing, timesheets, research techniques, client/new business presentations, tracking methods and client relations are explored. The course develops writing and thinking skills essential to securing new business through the proposal preparation.

Prerequisite: PR 2, or permission of the program director.

 Annually, 3 credits

PR 29 Propaganda and Persuasion

An overview of the theories and history of propaganda and persuasion are explored in this course to prepare the student to recognize public relations uses of rhetoric and propaganda in today's messages and communication. Negative and positive aspects are analyzed.
Prerequisite: PR 1, Co-requisite: PR 2, Annually, 3 credits

PR 70 Research and Evaluation in Public Relations

Research and evaluation are critical to the public relations process. After learning about authoritative databases and sources of information, students learn how to use and cite information by defining and connecting their findings in strategic and analytical writing. Using quantitative and qualitative methodologies, they also evaluate the courses of action available, develop surveys for opinion research, and analyze performance to determine how a program of action should be developed, what audiences should be targeted, appropriate message development, and ultimately if a program has met desired goals. The integration of research throughout the public relations planning process is stressed.
Prerequisite: PR 2 , Every Semester, 3 credits

Plus a three-credit PR elective or qualified substitution.

Though Public Relations courses with a PR prefix are preferred, students may choose : CMA 6 Media Ethics (if not used as a Public Relations required course)
CMA 7 Media Relations
CMA 40T Telecommunications Policy
CMA 40W Women in Media
CMA 94 Multimedia Project

or one of the following courses in the Art Department and use it for PR Elective credit:

ART 4 or CPGH 16 Photoshop
ART 30 Photography
CGPH 5 Layout design for non-majors
CGPH 26 Web design for non-majors