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Course Requirements

JOUR 3 Basic Newswriting

The course is an introduction to the reporting and writing of the news story. Emphasis is on the construction of a coherent story from available facts. News writing on deadline and computer skills are also stressed.
Co-requisites: ENG 1.
Special Fee, $70
Fall, 3 credits

JOUR 4 Intermediate Reporting

This course focuses on writing assignments with a strong emphasis on reporting actual events in campus or off-campus settings. The course includes an introduction to public affairs, municipal and campus government reporting. Same as PR 8.
Prerequisite: JOUR 3.
Special fee, $70
Spring, 4 credits

JOUR 90 Tutorial in Specialty Reporting

This course is designed for non-majors who wish to create a minor combining journalism with their major subject area. Guided by a journalism faculty member and a faculty member from the student’s major area, the student will undertake a project utilizing research, interviewing, investigative techniques and other reporting skills to produce a substantial piece of print journalism concerning an issue drawn from the major study area. The student will meet regularly with the faculty mentors.
Prerequisites: JOUR 3 and 4.
For non majors only.
On Occasion, 4 credits

Plus 7 additional credits in JOUR or CMA