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Degree Requirements

In addition to the specific requirements provided below for the B.F.A. in Film, all students must fulfill the Core Curriculum and Competency Requirements of LIU Post.

Requirements include 83 credits in the production and study of motion pictures. Successful completion of a Senior Portfolio Review, including senior thesis, a screenplay for a short film and demonstrated participation in Production Laboratory is required for graduation. A Film minor, consisting of 18 credits, is also available.

The following courses are required for the B.F.A. in Film:

CIN 1, 2
CIN 3, 4
CIN 6, 7, 8
CIN 9, 10
CIN 12, 13
CIN 15
CIN 24
CIN 28
CIN 35, 36
CIN 37, 38
CIN 44
CIN 89D (two semesters)
Six credits of cinema electives
Total required credits: 83