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Course Descriptions

THA 101 Introduction to Drama

This course is an introduction to theatre textual and performance analysis through critical, historical and dramatic readings. For Theatre Majors only
Fall, 3 credits

THA 104 Technical Theatre Practices

This course includes an introduction to the materials, processes and techniques for scenic construction, painting for the stage and stage properties in addition to practical experience in laboratory exercises and production assignments. Prerequisite for all courses in Design and Technical Production.
Crew requirement
Fall, 3 credits

THA 105 Survey of Technical Theatre

The course is a comprehensive survey of the theoretical and practical aspects of technical theatre including organization, equipment, materials, methods and vocabulary. The course is intended to provide the student with a working vocabulary and the basic knowledge necessary to function effectively in the theatre.
Spring, 3 credits

THA 121, 122 Basic Acting

Exercises and improvisations are intended to develop the student’s ability to identify readily with various imagined situations and to act truthfully and spontaneously with each situation. May be repeated for a maximum of three semesters. Prerequisite: Major or minor in Theatre, Dance or Film, or permission of the chair. THA 121 is a prerequisite for THA 122.
Annually, 3 credits per semester

THA 123,124 Intermediate Acting

The course continues scene work and improvisation with an emphasis on building technique. The student is exposed to elements of movement, voice and speech training. May be repeated for a maximum of three semesters.
Prerequisites: THA 121 and 122
Annually, 3 credits per semester

Music 88A Voice

Applied Music Lessons
Special fee, $300 each
Every Semester, 1 or 2 credits

THA 151 Professional Skills for the Performer: Suzuki Technique

This course is an introduction to the Suzuki movement technique (focus, stillness, creating an inner world and an intense physical life on stage) with special emphasis on connecting the training to preparation for rehearsal and performance
Prerequisites: THA121
Spring, 3 credits

THA 141 History of Theatre: Classical

This course investigates historical periods, dramatic genres and theatre literature of Western theatrical culture from the Greeks through Romanticism.
Fall, 3 credits

THA 142* History of Theatre: Modern

This second semester investigates historical periods, dramatic genres and theatre literature from Realism
Spring, 3 credits
*Fulfills Fine Arts core requirement for non-majors

THA 143 Shakespeare in Performance

This course surveys developments in theory and practice of Shakespearean dramatic works. The stylistic analysis of selected plays, performance techniques and theatrical conventions, including contemporary and non-traditional approaches, is examined.
Prerequisite: THA 1D or permission of the instructor.
Fall, 3 credits

THA 166 Beginning Speech

This course apples the application of the fundamentals of American Stage Standard speech and a working knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet. The course culminates with basic dialect work.
Prerequisite: THA 121, 122 or permission of the instructor
Spring 3 credits

THA 167 Beginning Voice

This course focuses on the use of the vocal instrument. Through exercises based primarily on Linklater Technique, the student explores the relationship of breath to the text and acquires the knowledge to care for and maintain vocal health and production.
Fall, 3 credits

THA 130 Makeup & Mask

This course covers practical instruction in makeup techniques taking into account factors of age, temperament, production style. May be repeated for a maximum of two semesters.
Prerequisite: THA 104, 105 or permission of the instructor.
Fall, 3 credits

THA 125, 126 Advanced Acting

This course is a continuation of Intermediate Acting with emphasis on scene study in classical and modern texts.
Prerequisites: THA 123 and 124
Annually, 3 credits per semester

THA 144 Acting for Film & Television

This is an advanced level course to prepare the actor for the many demands placed on the performer by the camera.
Prerequisite: THA 125, 126
Fall, 3 credits

THA 152 Professional Skills for the Performer: Audition Techniques

This is an encyclopedia course in preparation for the Annual New York Agents Showcase for Senior Actors and is required for any actor participating in the Showcase. Includes audition techniques, choice of appropriate material, headshots, resumes, rehearsal and preparation for the Showcase.
Prerequisite: Senior Showcase participants only; THA 25 or permission of the chair
Spring, 3 credits