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B.F.A. in Theatre Arts: Directing or Playwriting (Upper Level Option)

Student DirectingAfter successful completion of their sophomore year, students in the B.F.A. in Theatre Arts: Acting program or the B.A. in Theatre Arts program, with the appropriate prerequisites, may elect to apply to pursue a concentration in either Directing or Playwriting. Transfer students who wish to apply for this option may be required to take additional preparatory coursework.

Each program requires students to complete a senior thesis project. For Directing majors, the thesis will involve directing a play; for Playwriting majors, a full-length play will be written and receive either a staged reading or production. Directing and Playwriting students may collaborate on their thesis project.

Courses in Directing explore stage management, theatrical direction, casting, rehearsals, choreography, scenes, lighting and costume design.

Courses in Playwriting focus on the theory and practice of writing for the stage, including the development of one-act plays and screenwriting for the cinema.