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Degree Requirements

Freshman Year (general probation)

The freshman year prepares the student for admission into the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts (Acting or Design and Production), the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, or the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Studies. Although students may declare a major and/or concentration in the freshman year, they are not fully admitted to that area until positive faculty review and successful completion of the probationary year.

Sophomore Year

This is the qualifying year in the student’s declared major area of interest. Students nearing completion of two years of work will again be reviewed by the faculty. A student may elect to change programs at any time prior to reaching the upper division.

Upper Division (candidacy for degree)

By the third year the student’s focus should be clear, with primary responsibility to the major area. By this time the Theatre Arts student is a contributing member of the Post Theatre Company. Students applying for the directing or playwriting upper-division option will be admitted by the fall of the third year.

Production Contracts

Production contracts are assigned to each student, regardless of concentration, to complete the many non-performance, behind-the-scenes tasks that are necessary to put up a show. All B.A. and B.F.A. students in Theatre Arts and Dance are required to complete one significant production contract for each semester they are enrolled. Theatre minors must complete three production contracts. Failure to complete a contract will lead to probation or suspension from the Theatre or Dance program..

Production Labs

Students with a concentration in Design and Production must complete four production labs.

Professional Conduct

Students in the pre-professional programs in Theatre and Dance are required to participate fully in the work of the Post Theatre Company. Students must arrive promptly, be prepared and behave professionally at scheduled rehearsals, performances, and other meetings of the production team. Unexcused lateness or absenteeism may result in probation or dismissal from the program.