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2014/15 SEASON

Conditions of LoveCONDITIONS OF LOVE

directed by Maria Porter & David Hugo
devised by the ensemble

Maria Porter Director
David Hugo Director
Paul Pecorella Music Director/Ensemble
Jamie Boswell Ensemble
Rosalind Cavallaro Ensemble
Paige Espinosa Ensemble
Sarah Golden Ensemble
Audrey Ney Ensemble
Abby Slocum Ensemble
Tyler Stettler Ensemble
Heather Drastal Company Manager
Cara Gargano Department Chairperson
Richard Malone Technical Director
Sarah Taylor Stage Manager
Anna Betteridge Assistant Stage Manager

Upon return from ICTF at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Post Theatre Company will feature this new, devised theatre piece to open our 2014-15 season. The piece will pair Sondheim songs with text by William Shakespeare, exploring how love effects “the two” and “the one” through time—the intimate intersection of desire, need, obsession, and destiny. More info...
Little Theatre Mainstage


by Charles Mee
directed by Jason Jacobs

Assistant Director Cristian Avila
Stage Manager Chris Balbi
Assistant Stage Manager Annemarie Levakis
Scenic Design Brian Dudkiewicz

Lighting Design

Christina Watanabe
Costume Design Anthony Paul-Cavaretta


Lydia Jenny Rubin
Olympia Olivia Lodge
Thyona Linda Liebman
Bella Rosalind Cavallaro
Eleanor Emily Locklear
Piero Ben Brinton


Tyler Stettler
Constantine Cody Petit

Cameron Clay

Nikos Mike Luca
Leo Jeffrey Tierney
Ensemble Robbie McGrath
  Mitchell Muniz
  Ricky Quintana
  Sara Erkliev
  Tiffany Messing
  Diamond White

Spanning three time periods, The Walls traces the history of mental illness in women through the specific stories of three families, exploring the physical walls of mental asylums, the emotional walls of our own perception, the conceptual walls that divide the sick and the well, and the walls created by psychotropic medications.

A modern reimagining of Aeschylus’ The Suppliant Women.  Playwright Mee states about the piece: “I wanted to go back to what some people thought was one of the earliest plays of the Western World…and see how that would look today. See if it still spoke to the moment, and of course it does. It’s all about refugees and gender wars and men and women trying to find what will get them through the rubble of dysfunctional relationships, and anger and rage and heartache.”
October 3-4 & 9-12, 2014 • Little Theatre Mainstage
All shows 7:30 except a 3pm matinee on 10/12  and an additional 2pm matinee on 10/10.


written and directed by Paige Espinosa

Assistant Director Linda Liebman
Stage Manager Grace Henderson
Assistant Stage Manager Audrey Ney


Andy Abby Slocum
Jules Emily Banks
Patricia Kristen Camos
Sophie Nancy Quintana
Danny/Ramirez Jakob Carter
Phillips/Karl Doug Robinson
Lt. Tom Austin/Bartender/Corpsman Daniel George

Born into a military family, Andrea Austin, a United States Marine is deployed to Afghanistan and forced to leave behind her wife, daughter, mother, and brother. When she returns home, she finds that her experiences overseas are harder to leave behind then she thought they would be.  As reality starts to take hold, Andy struggles to remember the woman she once was, and begins to fear the one that she has become. A new, original script by a BFA candidate.

October 24-26, 2014 • Rifle Range Theatre
All shows 7:30 except a 3pm matinee on 10/26


book, music & lyrics by Jonathan Larson
directed by Raymond Zilberberg

Music Director Nick Myers
Assistant Director Mia Aguirre
Stage Manager Ashling Costello
Assistant Stage Manager Jenny Rubin
Scenic Design Brian Dudkiewicz
Lighting Design Christina Watanabe
Costume Design  Jennifer Rice


Roger Jamie Boswell
Mark Ethan Moore Dodd
Collins Marlin Slack

Jonathan Palmiotti

Joanne Kelsey D'Andrea
Angel Paulie Pecorella
Mimi Taylor Bass
Maureen Laura Chamberlain
Ensemble Anna Betteridge
  Candace Courtney
  Meghan Gratzer
  Ali Rose Harton
  Zhane Ligon
  Max Radel
  Michael Sykes
  Ernie Williams

PTC revisits the new classic rock musical with a simple, stripped away sensibility. Unplugged, without microphones, and with a 3-piece band and an emphasis on the actor.

November 7-8 & 12-16, 2014 • Little Theatre Mainstage

All shows 7:30 except a 3pm matinee on 11/16 and an additional 2pm matinee 11/14.


by Bertolt Brecht
directed by Emily Tafur

Stage Manager Tiffany Messing
Assistant Stage Manager Abby Slocum


Mother Courage Hailey Mickulas
Kattrin Emily Whipple
Yvette Poitier Victoria Giambalvo
Male Ensemble

Mitchell Muniz

Female Ensemble Audrey Ney
Male Chris Balbi

Emily Tafur and Chris Balbi will present The Mother Courage Project as an undergraduate honors thesis project.  The piece will push the boundaries of our complacency with and complicity to war in the 21st century. It will explore how we cope with war and why it perpetuates itself in a cycle of destruction for entire cultures, generations and nations. Using Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children as a central piece, the project will question and challenge our society’s views on gender roles in war and foreign affairs, while also using international and multi-cultural material. Why are we attached to the things that will destroy us?

November 21-23, 2014
Rifle Range Theatre
All shows 7:30 except a 3pm matinee on 11/23


by Lee Blessing
directed by Janice L. Goldberg

Stage Manager Ben Brinton
Assistant Stage Manager Emma Barishman
Scenic Design: Brian Dudkiewicz
Lighting Design: Christina Watanabe
Costume Design Jennifer Rice
Sound design: Greg Brown
Fight Choreographer: Ashley Reichert
Jo Briggs: Paige Borden
Sherry Briggs: Morgan Green
Kess Briggs: Iris Seaman
Evelyn Briggs: Meredith Binder

Independence—a realistic drama, exploring the powerful, sometimes painful aspects of one family’s dynamics in the small town of Independence, Iowa.   

January 30-February 1, 2015 • Little Theatre Mainstage
All shows 7:30, except a 3pm matinee on 2/1



by Rajiv Joseph
directed by Doug Robinson

Assistant Director: Nancy Quintana
Stage Manager: Tiffany Messing
Assistant Stage Manager: Annemarie Levakis
Lighting Design: Robert Weismann
Costume Design: Taylor Bass
Sound Design: Greg Brown
Kayleen: Kristen Camos
Doug: Mitchell Muniz

Gruesome Playground Injuries examines the dynamics of friendship. Over the course of 30 years, the lives of Kayleen and Doug intersect at the most bizarre intervals, leading the two childhood friends to compare scars and the physical calamities that keep drawing them together.


devised and directed by Ashley Reichert

Stage Manager: Jenny Rubin
Assistant Stage Manager: Robert McGrath
Lighting Design: Robert Weismann
Costume Design: Meghan Gratzer
Sound Design: Greg Brown
Choreographer: Ashley Reichert
Danc Captain: Anna Betteridge



Anna Betteridge


Jakob Carter


Laura Chamberlain


Ethan Dodd


Meghan Gratzer


Grace Henderson


Emily Locklear


Living in The Haze is an original piece exploring how visual and performing art can intersect to serve as a powerful vessel of communication, using a compilation of works from different artists who were perceived as mentally unstable, or socially inappropriate. Sometimes there are no words to express the condition one is experiencing, yet through art, the creator, performer, and spectator can understand themselves in a way that may otherwise be stifled by preconceived notions.  The project is conceived and created by Ashley Reichert in partial completion of her undergraduate honors thesis.
February 13-15, 2015 • Rifle Range Theatre
All shows 7:30 except a 3pm matinee on 2/15


by Mary Zimmerman
directed by Greg Taubman

Associate Director: Paige Espinosa
Stage Manager: Ashling Costello
Assistant Stage Manager: Shabbi Sharifi
Dramaturg: Marlin Slack
Costume Design: Jen Rice
Assistant Costume Design: Nina Ryan
Scenic Design: Brian Dudkiewicz
Lighting Design: Leslie Smith
Composer: Paulie Pecorella

Olivia Lodge


Emily Banks


Marlin Slack


Ricky Quintana


Kelsey D’Andrea


Mia Aguirre


Torun Esmaelli


Tyler Stettler


Paulie Pecorella


Michael Luca


Cameron Clay


Abby Slocum


Victoria Giambalvo


A modern adaptation of the classic Ovid poem, this piece explores several classic Greek myths through compelling characters and a poetic, non-linear script.

February 27-28 & March 5-8, 2015 • Little Theatre Mainstage
All shows 7:30 except a 3pm matinee on 3/8 and an additional 2pm matinee on 3/6.


written & directed by Cristian Avila

Assistant Director: Paige Borden
Stage Manager: Candace Courtney
Assistant Stage Manager: Nyla Sampson
Dramaturg: Hailey Mickulas
Costume Design: Chris Balbi
Lighting Design: Rob Weismann


Cody Petit


Tyler Matos


Chris Balbi


Daniel George


Jeff Tierney


Melanie Overfield


Meredith Binder


Paige Borden


Morgan Green


Iris Seaman

In a new work written and directed by a graduate student Cristian Avila, Nik legally marries Darren, and soon after they find the perfect surrogate to assist with the birth of their son. After coming to the realization that their son, too, is gay, Nik, in his struggle to accept this, must confront the demons of his past or risk losing everything. 
March 20--22, 2015 • Rifle Range Theatre
All shows 7:30 except a 3pm matinee on 3/22 and an additional 2pm matinee on 3/6.


compiled & directed by Kerry Prep
Music Director: Kerry Prep

Assistant Director: Jenny Rubin
Stage Manager: Ashling Costello
Assistant Stage Manager: Cameron Clay



Emma Barishman


Anna Betteridge


Laura Chamberlain


Emily Locklear


Audrey Ney


Emily Whipple


Diamond White


A new cabaret project produced in conjunction with Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, this all-female piece showcases highlights of our Musical Theatre Program, featuring classic and new favorites from musical theatre literature.

March 26 & 27 at 8pm • Tilles Center Recital Hall


directed by Keith Greer

Assistant Directors: Ben Brinton
Victoria Giambalvo
Stage Manager: Mike Luca
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Banks

Gabe Amato


Melissa Bianchi


Tanner Bolin


Emily Buonocore


Logan DeWitt


Destiny Diggs


Angela Downs

Tabatha Gayle  
Ervin Gonzales  
Lauren Graham  
Frida Jensen  
Christina Kroell  
Kelly Leibman  
Gabrielle McAree  
Matthew McCarthy  
Brooke Owens  
Franco Pagila  
Nicholas Sieban  
Nina Ryan  
Paul Toweh  

The first year students transition from the studio to the stage in this series of short, new works.

April 17-18 at 7:30pm and April 19 at 3pm • Little Theatre Mainstage.