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2009-10 Season


The Space InsideThe Space Inside

By Bonnie Eckard & Maria Porter

Directed by Bonnie Eckard

An original performance piece that explores one patient’s experience as she approaches death. The one-woman performance confronts the disparity in the death experiences between current medical practices, dominated by technology, and the preservation of the humanity of the patient and her loved ones.

Little Theatre Mainstage: September 26, 2009 at 12 p.m.

A featured performance of The First Annual Long Island Fringe Festival, the show is partnered with a work demonstration showcasing how research and theater practices come together to create performance. Through excerpts from the actual performance and demonstrations of techniques used to make the piece, the creators will give a ‘backstage’ view of how original work is created.

Tilles Center Patron’s Lounge: September 27, 2009 at 1 p.m.


By Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Sarah Rasmussen

Post Theatre Company
Rifle Range Theatre
October 9-11 & 13-16, 2009
All shows 8 p.m., except October 11 at 3 p.m. and an additional 3pm matinee on October 16.

Assistant Director Jenn Rubino
Stage Manager Ryan Roethel
Assistant Stage Manager Jessica Mottice
Scenic Design Bill Motyka
Lighting Design Jessie May Laumann
Sound Design Rob Garner
Costume Design Caitlin Johnson
Assistant Costume Design Lee Dumas
Assistant Scenic Design Kristin Pizzurro


Eurydice Amy LeBlanc
Orpheus Matt Wray
Father Ryan Casey
Interesting Man Michael Coyne
Stones Jackie Walsh
Leah Evans
Thomas Michilidias

A contemporary adaptation of the Greek Orpheus myth, told from his wife, Eurydice’s perspective. This lyrical, poetic text focuses on Eurydice’s struggle to decide between returning to earth with Orpheus or to remaining in Hades with her father. The production explores the diffusion between memory and reality, the world and the underworld, love and loss, holding on and letting go.

Bat Boy: The MusicalBat Boy: The Musical

By Keythe Farley & Brian Flemming

Music & lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe

Directed by Jason Jacobs

Post Theatre Company
Little Theatre Mainstage
November 13-15 & 17-20, 2009
All shows 8 p.m., except November 15 at 3 p.m. and an additional 3 p.m. matinee on November 20.

Assistant Director Kiara McCarthy
Stage Manager Leela Petrie
Assistant Stage Manager Christina Cerbone
Scenic Design Jenny Fulton
Lighting Design Niklas Anderson
Sound Design Darrin Aitken
Costume Design Jennifer Rice
Assistant Costume Design John Zolezzi
Assistant Scenic Design Sarah Crawford


Bat Boy Clinton Johnson
Meredith Annie McGuire
Dr. Parker Ryan Hudak
Shelley Megan Sayles
Sheriff Mike Greco
Rick Taylor/Ensemble Dov Rubenstein
Reverend Hightower/Ensemble Jennifer Badolato
Ensemble Zack Corrigan
Adam Newborn
David Webster
Kristin Cooke
Emily Edwards
Nadine Fetner
Dana Jesberger

A campy, contemporary horror show/rock musical, based on tabloid headlines from The Weekly World News about a creature that is half-boy, half-bat, who is found living in a cave. Featuring 17 performers, the show is surreal, but contains serious over-arching themes such as hypocrisy, scapegoating, and acceptance/tolerance. The story follows Batboy through his struggle to find his place in the world, and the miraculous, maddening love he finds along the way.

Don’t Expect To Laugh: Improv 2009Don’t Expect To Laugh: Improv 2009

Directed by Megan Gray

Post Theatre Company
Rifle Range Theatre
December 3-6...All shows 8 p.m.

Assistant Director Leah Evans
Stage Manager Mike Weinman


Ravi Johnson
Wokie Massaquoi
Courtney Maurice
Kiara McCarthy
Norma Ramos
Jenn Rubino
Cait York

A select group of students will work intensively over several weeks in a unique rehearsal schedule that will allow the group to develop improv skills, perfect the art of spontaneity and work as a true ensemble.

The 2nd Annual Virgil J. Lee New Play Festival

A series of staged readings of works by new playwrights, performed in repertory.

January 29-30 at 6:30, 8 & 9:30 p.m. and January 31 at 1, 3 & 6 p.m.


By Mary Hamilton

Directed by Hal Brooks


George David Webster
Ruby Nadine Fentner
Elsa Norma Ramos
Daphne Leah Evans
Grant Ryan Casey
Giant 1 Jessica Mottice
Giant 2 Michael Coyne
Giant 3 Samantha Blecher
Stage Directions Ryan Hudak


By Eric Pfeffinger

Directed by Jessi D. Hill


Kathy Jackie Walsh
Melinda Kristin Cooke
James Spader Dov Rubenstein
Randolph Thomas Michilidias
Stage Directions Adam Newborn


By Zayd Dohrn

Directed by Kip Fagan


Sidney Travis Mayo
Maxine Jen Badolato
Sarah Amy LeBlanc
Davey Zak Corrigan
Jim Matt Wray
Stage Directions Mike O’Toole

Good Woman of SetzuanGood Woman of Setzuan

By Bertolt Brecht

Directed by David Dalton

Post Theatre Company
Little Theatre Mainstage
March 12-14 & 16-20, 2010
All shows 8 p.m., except March 14 at 3 p.m. and an additional 3 p.m. matinee on March 20.

Stage Manager Leela Petrie
Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Crawford
Scenic Designer Bill Motyka
Lighting Designer Mike Billings
Music Director Mark Bruckner
Costume Designer Caitlin Johnson
Dramaturg Sarah Crawford


Shen Te/Shui Ta Dana Jesberger
Yang Sun/Husband Mike Greco
Mrs. Shin Molly Lisenco
Mr. Shu Fu/Brother Phil Martinez
Wong Jamie King
Sister/Mrs. Mi Su Elise Diaz
Wife Courtney Maurice
First God Emily Edwards
Second God Melody Pike
Third God Nana Kim
Carpenter Annie McGuire

An epic parable, the play tells the story of a young prostitute struggling to be a "good" person in a society that is essentially “bad.” This gender-bending classic play challenges notions of ethics, philosophy, right and wrong, and good and evil.

Romeo & JulietRomeo & Juliet

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Rebecca Easton

Tilles Center for the Performing Arts
Hillwood Commons Recital Hall
April 21, 2010 at 8 p.m.

Stage Manger Mike Weinman
Set Design Willy Neumann
Sound Design Joe Berlengero
Lighting Design Thomas Pascarella
Fight Director David DeBesse


Romeo Travis Mayo
Juliet Norma Ramos
Tybalt/Paris Kristin Cooke
Mercutio Nadine Fentner
Lord Capulet/Friar Laurence Ryan Hudak
Lady Capulet/Benvolio Anny Jules
Nurse Adam Newborn

A contemporary version of the timeless tale of two teenagers trapped by their secret love. As violence and conflict surround them, the young lovers risk everything to be together. This physical performance, geared toward young audiences, is featured as part of Tilles Center’s School Series. Join us for two special public performances.

The Precipice: The 2010 First Year ShowcaseThe Precipice: The 2010 First Year Showcase

Directed by Lauren Reinhard

April 16-18, 2010
All shows 8 p.m., except Sunday at 3 p.m.

Assistant Director Annie Mc Guire
Stage Manager Jessica Noel Mottice
Assistant Stage Manager Shree V. Campbell
Lighting Design Sarah Crawford
Costume Design Lee Dumas & John Zolezzi


OPENING: All Actors


By Lauren Wilson

Bride Christina Hatsis
Groom Nick Imperato


By Brooke Berman

Man Phil Degaltini
Woman Cynthia Luk


By Daryl Watson

Hannah Elizabeth Cruz Cortes
Lindsay Kim Lapidus


By Francine Volpe

Abigail Anais Martinez
Casey Shelby Wellington


By Dan LeFranc

Dana Marlane Robotham
Syd Tracy McClendon


By Garth Wingfield

David Tremaine O’Garro
Sue Kayla Wade


By Mark Harvey Levine

Peter Josh Cahn
Whitney Laura Natoli
Esther Christina Hatsis

CLOSING: All Actors

The Freshman cross from studio to stage and practically apply their training for the first time in front of an audience in this series of short, new works.