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Devised by the ensemble, directed by Maria Porter

Winner of 5 National Awards from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival:

Outstanding Production of a Devised Work
Outstanding Production of a Classic Play
Outstanding Director of a Classic
Distinguished Lead deviser/Director of A Devised Work
Distinguished Performance and Production Ensemble

Director Maria Porter
Assistant Director Adam Newborn
Stage Manager Jessica Noel Mottice
Assistant Stage Manager Yasmine Rivas
Costume Design Brittany Jones-Pugh
Assistant Costume Design Brenna McShane

Lighting Design

Chris Catalano
Scenic Design Bill Motyka
Sound Design Rob Garner
Dramaturgue Michael O'Toole & Ryan Hudak


Chorus/Megarious Nadine Fentner
Antigone Christina Hatsis
Creon Ryan Hudak
Haemon Nick Imperato
Tiresias Cynthia Luk
Chorus/Eurydice Courtney Maurice
Chorus/Oedipus Travis Mayo
Ismene Laura Natoli
Chorus/Polynices Mike O'Toole
Chorus/Death Kayla Wade

Two worlds clash when Creon becomes king and declares human law to be above divine law. Antigone's decision to defy the king's decree and bury her brother ignites a collision between the two.

Little Theatre Mainstage
September 30, October 1 & October 6-9, 2011
all shows 7:30pm except a "pay-what-you-wish"; 2pm matinee on 10/7 , and a 3pm matinee on 10/9

Side Show

Book & Lyrics By Bill Russell, Music My Henry Krieger

Director Jeremy Gold Kronenberg
Music Director Kerry Prep
Choreographer Davyd Suber
Stage Manager/Assistant Director Gregory Cioffi
Assistant Stage Manager/Props Design Laura Mauro
Costume Design Jennifer Rice
Lighting Design Mike Billings
Scenic Design Bill Motyka
Makeup Design Lana Gemmell
Assistant Choreographer Angelica LaRusso


Daisy Hilton Meghan Miles
Violet Hilton Emily Edwards
Buddy Foster Hans Hendrickson
Terry Connor Steve Makropoulos
Jake Philip Degaltini, Jr.
The Boss/Ensemble Christopher Sanfilippo
Snake Charmer/Ensemble Anna Beyer
Geek/Ensemble Joshua Cahn
Harem Girl/Ensemble Sheree V. Campbell
Harem Girl/ Ensemble Meghan Ross
Fortune Teller/Ensemble Emily Crowe
Reptile Man/Ensemble Amanda Dupuy
Bearded Lady/Ensemble Mike Greco
Sheik/Ensemble Cody Jordan
Patchwork Girl/Ensemble Shelby Wellington

Violet & Daisy Hilton, conjoined twins, live in a world of freaks, misfits, and outsiders. As stars of a vaudeville act in a Side Show they dare to look for love outside their parallel universe, as they entertain the very audience that judges and ostracizes them.

Little Theatre Mainstage
November 11-12, 17-20, 2011
all shows 7:30pm except 11/20 at 3pm and an additional "pay-what-you-wish" 2pm matinee on 11/18


Billy Witch

Billy Witch

by Gregory Moss directed by Brian Quirk

Director Brian Quirk
Stage Manager Rachel Charlee Hoffman


Lockwood Phil Deglitini
James Chris Sanfilippo
Arden Greg Cioffi
Oliver Hans Hendrickson
Kid Tremaine O'Garro
Melody Kayla Wade
Miranda Janey Gemmell
Sandy Cynthia Luk
Becky Emily Crowe
Camper Girls Anais Martinez
Sheree V. Campbell

This dark comedy follows Oliver’s first year at summer camp, where he experiences unique changes that will “shape” the rest of his lie, as the camp’s legendary ghost story mysteriously intertwines with daily life at camp.

Little Theatre Mainstage
February 3 & 4 at 6pm and February 5 at 2pm

Producer's Club Crowne Theatre, NYC
February 11, 2012 at 6pm



Conceived and directed by Nadine Fentner

Director Nadine Fentner
Stage Manager Vanessa Rosas


Emily Edwards
Nadine Fentner
Mike Greco
Ryan Hudak
Courtney Maurice
Travis Mayo
Jessica Mottice

This original movementpiece, based on an honors thesis, explores the interplay between impulse and action—how the work of an actor is a dance between action and reaction.

Little Theatre Mainstage
February 3 & 4 at 8pm and February 5 at 4pm
Producer's Club Crowne Theatre, NYC
February 11, 2012 at 7:30pm
Alumni reception at Producer’s Club Lounge at 8pm, following the performance

Duped: A Night Out With Commedia

Directed by Adrienne Kapstein
Devised by the ensemble

Assistant Director Meghan Miles
Stage Manager Yasmine Rivas
Assistant Stage Manager Brenna McShane
Costume Design Lee Dumas
Lighting Design Christopher Catalano
Scenic Design Richard Malone
Props Design Laura Mauro
Dramaturg Mike Greco


Anna Beyer
Josh Cahn
Amanda Dupuy
Christina Hatsis
Nick Imperato
Cody Jordan
Steve Makropoulos
Tracy McClendon
Laura Natoli
Mike O'Toole
Shelby Wellington

This original piece, conceived and developed by the director and company, is based in the improvisational form of Commedia dell'arte. Zany, hilarious, absurd-- it's a new world every night!

Little Theatre Mainstage
March 2-3 & 8-11, 2012
all shows 7:30pm except 3/11 at 3pm and an additional “pay-what-you-wish” 2pm matinee on 3/9

Breaking/Making: The 2012 First Year Showcase

Breaking Making 2012

Directed by Lauren Reinhard

Assistant Directors Sheree V. Campbell & Gregory Cioffi
Stage Manager Christopher Sanfilippo
Lighting Design Christopher Catalano
Costume Design Brenna McShane
Dramaturg Nicholas Imperato

Paris' Snatch by Brian Dykstra  
Alison Deajanae Lettman
Austin Thomas Times
Your Mother's Butt by Alan Ball  
Client Dalon Bradley
The Psychologist Jenn Szilagy
Hollywood Hills by Stephanie Allison Walker  
Client Dalon Bradley
The Psychologist Jenn Szilagy
Hollywood Hills by Stephanie Allison Walker  
Client Dalon Bradley
The Psychologist Jenn Szilagy
Dancing On Checker's Grave by Eric Lane  
Lisa Maren Markussen
Dina Annie Woodward
Dear Sara Jane by Victor Lodato  
Sara Jane Rachel Charlee Hoffman
Flooding by Jami Brandli  
Charlie Rosalind Cavallaro
Brenda Sarah Taylor
The Second Beam by Joan Ackermann  
Meg Taylor Cain
Jennifer Corinna Grunn
Casting Agent Linda Liebman
Patti Sharer Jacy McDonough
Forty To Life by Nina Shengold  
Paul Kaplowicz Christopher Balbi
Susie Wismer Loren Ferriso
Sgt. Lorraine Freud Linda Liebman
Ex-Boyfriends Cameron Bisca, Jamie Boswell, Dalon Bradley, Kent Johannson, Thoma Times
The Perfect Guy by Mary Gallagher  
Dan Johnson Cameron Bisca
Tina Ali Rose Harton
Kitty Ashley Reichart
Pops by Edwin Sanchez  
Tatiana Sanchez Emily Tafur
The Spot by Steven Dietz  
Betsy Taylor Jennifer Geisman
Gloria Linda Liebman
Nelson Ashley Lilly
Wagner Kent Johannson
Roger Vanessa Rosas
Chumley Jenn Szilagy
Happy No-Lidays by Keythe Farley  
He Jamie Boswell
She Sarah Golden

The first year students transition from the world of the studio to the world of the stage in this series of short, new works. Meet the next generation of the PTC in their first performance.

Little Theatre Mainstage
April 13-15, 2012
all shows 7:30pm, except Sunday at 3pm