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Original Broadcast, October 1961

Hear WCWP’s original broadcast October 18, 1961

December 1960.

WCWP also presents additional broadcast of special events as they occur. Programs heard going on broadcasts are sometimes recorded or transcribed.


Radio station WCWP - the voice of CW Post College is on the air.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen you are about to hear another first from CW Post College, one of the fastest growing schools in NY state. Here is (Arthur Beltrone) Chief Program Director.

Arthur-Thank you Dennis. CW Post College was founded 7 years ago on October 29, 1954. At that time the school was operated by a faculty of 12 and the 5 buildings which comprised the estate of Mrs. Marjorie Meriwether Post. Today with 22 buildings on our campus, a student body numbering nearly 4000 and a faculty approximately numbering 250, we are 1 of the outstanding small colleges in the east. Buildings and additions have been erected which were inconceivable on that 1954 founding date. We talked to 1 of the alumni of that first graduation class, Mr. Mark Bilker, who is presently the associate public relations officer at Post College. He had this to say about the development of the College.

Mark – All I have to say is, in 1954 when the college was founded they had 15 buildings which were part of the original estate of Mrs. Post. In 1955 when the first class entered the college the same buildings were still the only buildings on the actual campus. Some of them were changed around to meet the needs of the student body rather than the needs of the people living on an estate. The academic portion  of the campus – let's see- chemistry building, biology laboratory, physics  building, engineering drawing and a mathematics building constructed in the past 7 years. We now have 3 dormitories on the campus and a very large dining hall. These buildings, through and through, have been completed in the last year and a half. The library which was originally a guest house on the campus, was of course converted to reading rooms and stack rooms and last September a new wing was attached to the library. On the extracurricular side we have a football field, a soccer and lacrosse field we have a brand new all-weather track that is the first of its kind to be used in this country.

Thank you Mr. Bilker. Two years ago a group of students had the announcement----- that a school such as Post would benefit a great deal from a radio station. We organized a small club at first and after ---talk radio making hopeful plans for the establishment of a carrier current station leading eventually into an FM station. Our faith and hopes in the reality of the station were kept alive by one of the speech teachers at Post, Professor  Virgil Lee.- Dennis-

Dennis – The actual building was not completed during 1960 but 1 important thing did happen, this was the student councils act which granted the club its budget. Therefore, when the school started in September of 1961 the seeds were there to sow - again under the direction of Professor Lee an organizational plan was established, one that would get the best possible work done. The club began to grow, a studio was designed and installed, equipment was purchased, surveys were conducted and programming was decided upon.  Yes, many persons and groups were helpful but if it were for both the president of our college Admiral Richard Connelly and Dean R. Gordon Hoxie these electrical impulses would not be transmitted through the air at this moment. - Art-

Arthur – This afternoon we are greatly honored in having both Admiral Conolly and Dean Hoxie in our studios. Admiral Conolly I would like to extend to you the greetings and thanks of the entire staff of WCWP.

Admiral Conolly – I am gratified to be asked to participate in the dedication of this station – I want to commend the enterprise, energy and persistence of the student group who were responsible for initiating and carrying through to completion this whole program that brought into being our station. I am sure that we will be proud of its accomplishments in the years to come; I look forward to its extension someday to a broadcasting station that will reach all over this part of Long Island. I am sure it will contribute a great deal to the life and activities of the student body here on the campus. Thank you.

Thank you Admiral Conolly. And now Dean Hoxie may we extend to you our warm appreciation for your encouragement and help.

Dean Hoxie – Thank you Mr. Beltrone it's a very real and warm pleasure to be here today with admiral Connelly and with professor Lee and with this fine staff who have brought into reality that which was a dream a couple of years ago. In the 7 years of Post College there have been many firsts and I honestly and sincerely think that this is 1 of the most significant of firsts. To have a radio station as a part of a liberal arts college is certainly a fitting and proper thing to do. It can enrich both the student activity program and the curricular program. I do believe that the curricular program in speech and in theater and in radio will become, with the faculty that we have and the student interests which we have, a truly outstanding program and I note with highly approval of support that radio is a part of this college, this program. Time was in the first liberal arts colleges effective speech was certainly pronounced. I think too long ago and too little since the importance of speech was lost in our colleges. It seems to me that by this station you are doing something to help rekindle this interest in the field of speech. And further more while we are harping back to the past we do live in an electronics age and by your initiative and by your ingenuity you are using this electronics age to help further unite the splendid spirit of the Pioneers, the student body here.  I assure you that I shall listen to these programs with great interest. I know that I should speak the sentiment to the faculty and staff in this and I wish each and every one of you hearty success and the best of wishes as this radio station WCWP begins today.
Thank you Dean Hoxie. On behalf of our staff at WCWP I would like to thank both of you for coming this afternoon and honoring us with your presence.  – Dennis-

Dennis – Also with us this afternoon is the director of student activities at Post College, Professor Alvin C.W. Bahnsen. Welcome Professor Bahnsen.

Professor Banhsen – Thank you Dennis. I am excited to say that I am a Pioneer and having been at CW Post College even before there was a CW Post College.  So in terms of seniority Admiral and Dean Hoxie I ..antedate you people. But Let me say this, that its really been constructive in every sense of the term that seeing the campus grow from the period when we used to meet at Hicksville, and Oyster Bay and partly here at the campus itself and to the period when we opened up at CW Post College. It's been my interest in terms of student activities and I sincerely congratulate the staff here in setting up this radio station. As Dean Hoxie has said I'm sure it will contribute to our student activities program and I personally would like to look forward to as 1 part of the program is a radio station discussion groups that perhaps could take advantage of our international relations club and history and political science club, and philosophy club and the other clubs on the campus. Again to Professor Lee and to the staff, congratulations on this dedication.

Thank you Professor Bahsnen. And Now I would like to have the person who kept our hopes alive in the birth of this station come forth and accept our sincere thanks for all the time and effort he has devoted to the formation of WCWP, Professor VJ Lee, welcome

Professor VJ Lee – Thanks very much Dennis. I just have a word or two to say, particularly to the student body, and it's just this, that we have a new facility here that is yours and we certainly hope that you take advantage of it. We have numerous types of activities connected with radio, engineering, programming, announcing, special events, news broadcasting, disc jockey shows, anything that you have an idea of in relation to a program for instance, come down and pay us a visit at the station. Were in the languages building in the rear, facing the student union building and we certainly would be happy to see you. Pay us a visit. Thanks very much.

And thank you Professor Lee.  – Art –

Arthur – I would like to thank all those participating in this program this afternoon, especially those members of the engineering staff who put together the technical equipment enabling us to go on the air today. Among them were Steve (Letta?) Chief engineer, Ron McCarty, his assistant and a staff of 15 members. All deserve our profound thanks. I sincerely hope that the station will continue to serve the interests of the student body and the college itself. We have taken into consideration though that the station is still in its infancy and learning. Just before Charles W. Post passed away, he spoke some 50 words that became his credo. WCWP hopes to live up to this idea that our founder believed in. He said, "Strive in an honest way to do the best you can, and if having done your best it seems to appear the hand of some overruling power which hammers you, take it like a good piece of steel and come right off the anvil with a better temper and a keener edge." Thank you ladies and gentlemen and good afternoon.