B.F.A. in Film

As a Film major, you will learn to communicate and interpret the world around you through courses in all levels of production, editing, screenwriting, cinematography, sound, producing, and film history.

Beginning in your first semester, you will get hands-on experience working with traditional and digital film equipment and exploring all forms of narrative and documentary storytelling. The comprehensive, widely respected film curriculum prepares students for creative, critical, and technical work in the worlds of film, television, and digital media. In addition, you will study a well-rounded liberal arts foundation that will help develop proficiency in areas of human development: self-discipline, self-motivation, creative thinking, critical analysis, collaboration as part of a group, and leadership in a group.

Our faculty are all working professionals in diverse areas of the field, including writers, directors, cinematographers documentarians and critics – award-winning professionals with top-level experience and credentials. Because of our small class sizes, students work collaboratively and develop strong bonds, often working together well beyond graduation. As a student, you will have the chance to master the new digital media technologies, and develop your editing and production design skills in our state-of-the-art studios.

Just 25 miles east of New York City, students have access to the No. 1 most filmed location in the world and plentiful industry connections and opportunities. Many students are able to combine internships with course work during the semester. Others do internships during the summer breaks.

Check out our latest student-produced films online.

Admission Requirements
  • Incoming freshmen must have a solid B average (3.0 grade point average or 82 to 85) and an average SAT of 1000 (Math & Critical Reading combined) or ACT Composite of 20 or above.
  • Transfer students must have completed more than 24 college credits. A minimum college GPA of 2.0 is required for application review. If you have completed fewer than 24 credits, you must also submit high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores.

Applicants are be notified of departmental admissions decisions in the early spring. Mid-year transfer students will be contacted individually.

Film Incentive Scholarship

Applicants who want to apply for our Film Incentive Scholarship must arrange for an interview with the program director by calling 516-299-2353 or 516-299-2117 or e-mailing The scholarship is awarded to students who show special promise in their film studies. Students must reapply for this award each year. It carries with it certain responsibilities and is re-evaluated each semester. The criteria include:

  • Students must be active participants in the film major, enrolled on a full-time basis (12 credit hours per semester.)
  • Students must maintain a 3.2 grade point average. Students will be re-evaluated on the basis of participation and attendance, collegial and professional attitude or behavior, and/or timely completion of department responsibilities.

Core Requirements
In addition to all major requirements, students pursuing the B.F.A. in Film must satisfy all core curriculum requirements as follows:
POST 101 1 credit
First-Year Composition 6 credits
Economics/Political Science 6 credits
Fine Arts 3 credits (excluding all CIN courses)
History/Philosophy 6 credits(in one area)
Laboratory Science 4 credits
Language/Literature 6 credits
Mathematics 3 - 4 credits
Social Sciences 6 credits
Competencies Computer, Library, Oral
For a more detailed listing of these requirements, see the core curriculum section of this bulletin.

Major Requirements
Required Film Courses (51 credits):
CIN 1 The Art of the Film/1900-1930 3.00
CIN 2 The Art of the Film/1931 to Present 3.00
CIN 5 The Art of the Documentary Film 3.00
CIN 6 Basic Motion Picture Production 3.00
CIN 7 Intermediate Motion Picture Production 3.00
CIN 8 Advanced Motion Picture Production 3.00
CIN 9 Screenwriting 3.00
CIN 10 Screenwriting 3.00
CIN 12 Intro to Editing and Sound 3.00
CIN 13 Intermediate Editing & Sound 3.00
CIN 15 Cinematography 3.00
CIN 28 Film Theory 3.00
CIN 35 Production Laboratory 3.00
CIN 36 Production Laboratory 3.00
CIN 37 Film Production Lab-Practicum 3.00
CIN 38 Film Production Lab Practicum 3.00
CIN 44 Interdisciplinary Concepts 3.00
One of the following courses (3 credits):
CIN 23 Video Documentary Workshop 3.00
CIN 24 Video Documentary Workshop 3.00
4 courses from the following (12 credits):
CIN 3 Major Forces in the Cinema 3.00
CIN 4 Major Figures in the Cinema 3.00
CIN 303 Film & Society 3.00
CIN 304 Film & Society 3.00
CIN 88 Must be taken twice (8 credits):
CIN 88 Film Thesis 4.00
Choose three courses from the following (9 credits):
CIN 13A Advanced Motion Picture Editing 3.00
CIN 14 Cinema and the Arts 3.00
CIN 16 Advanced Cinematography 3.00
CIN 17 Advanced Screenwriting 3.00
CIN 22 Current Cinema in New York 3.00
CIN 23 Video Documentary Workshop 3.00
CIN 24 Video Documentary Workshop 3.00
CIN 25 Animation and Computer Graphics Workshop 3.00
CIN 26 Intermediate Animation and Computer Graphics Workshop 3.00
CIN 27 Advanced Animation and Computer Graphics Workshop 3.00
CIN 29 Film Theory 3.00
CIN 44 Interdisciplinary Concepts 3.00
CIN 89 Advanced Individual Study in Cinema 1.00
CIN 99 Film Internship 3.00
CIN 359 Honors Advanced Elective 3.00
CIN 360 Honors Advanced Elective 3.00
Credit and GPA Requirements
Minimum Total Credits: 129 (128 for transfer students)
Minimum Liberal Arts Credits: 36
Minimum Major Credits: 74
Minimum Overall GPA: 2.50
Minimum Major GPA: 3.00

Student Spotlight

After multiple opportunities to visit film and TV sets and meet directors, producers, and actors through the LIU Post Department of Film, film major Eddie Richter landed an internship as a production assistant on the ABC TV show, Madoff. Read more about his experience.



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