Minor in Advertising

Undergraduate students at LIU Post who are pursuing a major in another subject area can apply specific courses in the public relations program (18 credits) toward a minor in advertising. A minor adds value to your degree and a competitive edge in the job market by providing you with additional skills and enhanced knowledge in another field of study.

Prerequisites apply to these minors as well. Contact your academic and career counselor about further requirements and additional information.

Minor in Advertising (18 credits)

Required Public Relations Courses

PR 1 Introduction to Public Relations 3.00
PR 30 Using Business Software in Public relations/Advertising 3.00
PR 53 Introduction to Advertising 3.00
PR 54 Advertising Copywriting 3.00

One of the following:

PR 55 Advertising Campaigns 3.00
PR 56 Branding: Integrating Communication 3.00

Required Public Relations Elective
Three credits from PR course offerings (excluding PR 87 and 88) that do not require program director permission are required. Prerequisites may apply.

The minimum Minor G.P.A. is 2.75


PR 1 Introduction to Public Relations

This survey of the public relations field includes basic public relations principles as well as definitions, management models and procedures that are standard for the profession. The broad range of career paths and the functions of PR professionals within organizations, nonprofit or corporate, governmental agencies, associations and the agencies that serve them are covered. Starting with the history of public relations in the United States, the course includes the historical figures and their impacts, legal aspects, audience identification and strategies, as well as how communication is integrated in business through planning, research techniques.
Prerequisites: Prerequisite of ENG10 for English majors. Prerequisites of ENG 1 & 2 required.
3 credits
Frequency: Every Semester

PR30 Using Business Software in Public Relations/Advertising

In addition to a hands-on introduction to various software programs required by communications professionals, this course introduces practical computer skills and applies word processing, database and spreadsheet operations to a communications program developed by the student. The focus is on advertising buys, editorial pitches, media research and list development that takes advantage of word processing formats; merge mailing capability; master calendar reports; and budget response tracking and budgeting that culminates in a computer-based, media detailed plan and summary.
Co-requisites: PR1, PR2
3 credits
Frequency: Every Semester

PR53 Introduction to Advertising

This introductory course surveys the field of advertising from its historical development and importance. Multiple media platforms from billboards to digital strategies are explored for understanding the needs of institutional, product, political, public service and corporate advertising implementation. The role of the agency or in-house department and decision alternatives for cost-effective, yet results-oriented advertising also are covered. Research techniques, artistic considerations, as well as ethical and legal implications are explored.
Prerequisites: PR2
3 credits
Frequency: On Occasion

PR54 Advertising Copywriting

This course introduces the writing and creative perspectives required for advertising programs across various media including online and legacy.  Components of audience and messages appropriate for the medium are explored for cost-effective yet results-oriented implementation of institutional, product, political, public service and corporate advertising. Headline, text copy, dynamic visual concepts for various media platforms as well as effective storyboarding and spot production are covered.
Prerequisites: PR2
3 credits
Frequency: On Occasion

PR55 Advertising Campaigns

An overview of advertising, this course then examines advertising strategies in the formulation of campaigns from how markets are segmented and types of media available with a focus on campaign themes and divergent material. This class will develop sensitivity to visual and written materials through an analysis and attention to the formulation of ideas, putting ideas to paper and completing campaigns.
Prerequisites: PR2
3 credits
Frequency: On Occasion

PR56 Branding: Integrating Communication

Students explore how brands create a name for themselves in a marketplace that is national or global to stand out from the competition. At the same time, students look at how little brands became big ones and how they stay big, whether they are Disney, Starbucks, Coke, Oprah, Martha, J-LO, or even The Donald. This course looks at what defines a brand, implementation strategies, differentiation between brands, media adopted and measurements of effectiveness. Same as FM56
Prerequisites: PR2
3 credits
Frequency: On Occasion
Equivalency: FM56

Plus a three-credit PR elective or qualified substitution.
Though Public Relations courses with a PR prefix are preferred, students may choose CMA 7, CMA 40T, CMA 40W, or CMA 94 or one of the following courses in the Art Department and use it for PR Elective credit:
ART 4 or CPGH 16 Photoshop


College of Arts, Communications & Design
Steven Breese, Dean