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Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Incoming LIU Post freshmen who have achieved the required test scores on the College Board Advanced Placement tests may be eligible to receive college credits. The number of academic credits and course equivalents, as determined by LIU Post faculty, vary according to subject area and are posted directly on the LIU Post transcript. Students who are awarded Advanced Placement credits are advised to contact the Academic Counseling Center to determine the applicability of these credits to their specific major program.

If you sign up to take the AP exam in high school, you can list LIU Post’s school code (LIU Post CEEB code: 2070) at that time. If you have already taken the exam, you can contact the College Board to have your score(s) sent to the Admissions Office for an evaluation. For information about AP testing, visit the College Board Web site at:

Questions concerning credit awards may be directed to the LIU Post Credit Evaluator at 516-299-2900 or e-mail